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LenSon ban

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I'm still waiting for my my forum account to be accepted so I write using Bzdziagwa account.

1. About myself:

I play (or played before ban) for about three and half years. I created several characters and trained them in different way – as tanks, fighters for different instance/invance ranges, potioner, manufacturer etc. I spent lots of time to do it. I had no problem with mods or other players before.

2. What happened:

I intended to create dozen or so alts for Joker searchings. Some of them were to wait in Joker locations I already knew, some were to search for new Joker locations. I created about 20 alts in 3-4 days.

2016-12-22: I received message from Vanyel that I created too many characters in too short time, and that names of two of them are not good enough.

2016-12-24: I created new character to replace one with name mentioned by Vanyel. I received message:
Mod PM from revi: "you were warned that new characters would result in a ban.This once you get away with a lock of the new character"

I continued searchings of Joker with characters I created so far. All my characters were banned soon without any additional info.
I know now that all my characters in Eternal Lands were banned because using alts for Joker searchings by placing them in Joker spawns.
I didn't know that this way of Joker searching is not allowed.

Please unban characters I use for normal playing (not Joker searching alts):


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I'm not happy about you citing my mod PM (while at the same time not quoting Vanyel's PMs).

One reason is that there is a difference between what you reported was said between you and Vanyel, and what he told me.


For the rest, any unlocking will need to wait for Aislinn, as she diid the locking and banning

(and I see no reason to unlock the one freshly created char I locked).


(Oh, and usually there's a simple reason why a forum account doesn't get validated)

Edited by revi

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I suppose I might've not been clear about lack of agreement to using several characters to track Joker. I was quite clear, though, that additional characters from this IP might lead to troubles (upon rule 11: No character spamming).


I was not present when the banning was happening. Cannot provide additional information in this topic.


If anything, I would be willing to give a chance. So far communication with both characters was polite with (apparently, not so...) mutual understanding.

Edited by Vanyel

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@Revi: Sorry for quoting you directly.

@Aislinn: Thank you for account validation. I would be grateful to know your answer about unban of my characters. I do not ask to unlock Joker searching alts. I would never use them for Joker searching if I knew that it had been forbidden.

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Unlocked the characters you requested on the condition that if there is any more inappropriate alt usage, including but not limited to Joker spawn camping, they will be relocked permanently.

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