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openSUSE 13.2 no sound

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New client has no sound throws error at start


Error Initializing sound: ALC_INVALID_DEVICE


Installed both music and sound from the website


This machine is running with Pulse Audio. Had no problem with previous version



Also have not yet figure the trick to use the eternalland.sh no mater what el.init file I find and modify to point to the new install directory no go. It looks like ths shell does not do all that much but it does scan the ~/.elc/main/el.ini file for the eternalland string and if not found it chokes with the error message.


But all my personal stuff is still in ~/.elc


In any case I can't see anything in the shell kick starter to cause a problem with the sound???


Any thaughts?





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Now you have the path fixed, does the sound work if you run using the eternalland.sh? If not, trying installing the pulseaudio-utils or suse equivalent package. This will install padsp which if put before the client executable name on the command line will help with sound compatibility. The script tries to do this

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Just noting: I'll be updating OpenSUSE RPMs to 1.9.4 as soon as the server update happens. Sound/Music packages are included. Maybe those will work better for you.


Sound seems to "just work" for me on them, though I actually had to just check since I never use it. (Disturbs my 80's hair metal...)


See my sig for installing those.

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I went ahead and updated the repo to 1.9.4 since we should be hopefully seeing the server update today.


Give my RPMs a try and see if they do any better.


Try with a clean install though. (Easiest way is to just rename your ~/.elc/ directory to ~/.elcOLD/ or such, then move the files back properly after you determine the working status of the client.) That'll guarantee avoiding any settings you have trying to access old data on your system.

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