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Potion of Action Points - Move to Potions, Since It's a Potion

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As a very regular user of Potion of Action Points, I regularly find myself clicking the Potions section of inventory to get one, only to have to go to Magic instead.


I'm suggesting this Potion get placed in Potions, with the rest of the Potions.



Besides the reasoning that it is, in fact, a Potion, there's also the issue that there's nothing "Magical" about it to warrant it being in Magic.


Its purpose is to provide action points, in the same manner that a GHP provides health, an FP provides food, and an SR provides mana.


It's just filling a bar, like those three.



(If someone can give valid reason for it being in magic, fine, but at the least have it *also* in Potions.)

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