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On the notepad, if there are more note sections than will fit without scrolling, you will not get the note you were clicking on when you are scrolled down any. If you click the 3rd row of the 1st column (when you look at it) when it is the 5th from the top scroll wise, you will get the 3rd from the top scroll wise. Not sure if I am describing this well enough for people to know what I am saying, but try clicking on something when you have a bunch of notes and the scroll bar is not all the way up to the top.

It must of been broken like that since forever. Should be fixed in git now.

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Weird. It is working ok now, but it was not working this morning. Same client and game data.

I reproduced the problem. The bug is because a previously draw button is just hidden when it is scrolled off screen. Visible buttons are moved to the appropriate place. This means that a hidden button can actually be located in the same space as a visible one. The click-on-button check incorrectly responded to hidden buttons. It's possible that scrolling in different ways could lead to different behaviour. However, it's fixed now.

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