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I've had a brief play with nixstaller to create a generic Linux installer for the static Linux binary and data. Perhaps with a little more work, this could be the standard way we distribute the Linux version. Of course, Debian/Ubuntu users might prefer to use the .deb packages I create. :blush:


The nixstaller tool generates an install script that includes a data blob. When a user runs the install script, it extracts the data blob to a directory of their choice. The installer can include some post install setup too. I've made a simple installer using the latest static binaries and 193 data. The post set-up does the permission changes, sets the data path and installs a desktop icon. You can download the installer here (of course, it's big). Once downloaded, you can use your file manager to make it executable then run it. Alternatively it can be run from the command line.


Here are some screen shots; the text probably needs some work:









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That looks really nice but I'd prefer it not be "the standard way" to offer it.

I don't even have a DE, and only run by command line with no gui, on 2 of my computers. I don't think I'm the only one who does so, either.


Can we have a choice?


(arch with ratpoison wm, and pacman btw)

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Nixstaller doesn't need a desktop environment or even an X display; of course you'd need an X display to play the game. :)

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I agree. This does look nice. I'd really like it if more of those applications requirering command line installation (which fortunately is a minority with the package managers of today) would consider this interface to make it more accessible and less intimidating for users who'd like to use Linux without getting too technical. Concerning EL, your deb packages have really helped in that area as well :). Great work.

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