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  1. Linux installer

    I agree. This does look nice. I'd really like it if more of those applications requirering command line installation (which fortunately is a minority with the package managers of today) would consider this interface to make it more accessible and less intimidating for users who'd like to use Linux without getting too technical. Concerning EL, your deb packages have really helped in that area as well . Great work.
  2. Client can't connect

    Thank you all for your answers. It seems that I found the reason for the trouble. The network has a Cisco Skinny service installed for IP phones. The protocol uses port 2000 just like Eternal Lands. It actually seems that port 2000 has been globally reserved for this purpose. Unfortunate, since both EL and Skinny cannot be active at the same time. //Zilvador
  3. Client can't connect

    I uploaded a new version of the log on http://pastebin.com/bjmP5zkK . This is a login attempt on the test server, which this time failed on first connect attempt to the server, but second time succeeded immediately. It says that some message has been repeated 14 times and that it cannot find my .dat-files.
  4. Client can't connect

    Thank you for answering. I have just talked with my ISP, who confirms that there is nothing that should keep me from connecting on port 2000. I also tried making a clean install, deleting the configuration and log directory, but it is the same. Regards, Zilvador.
  5. Client can't connect

    I should mention that by 'similar errors' I do not mean the same errors, but only that the first lines of the output is the same, though I suspecct that it is not necessarily related. I have not found the same error or been helped by the advice given in the other threads.
  6. Client can't connect

    Hi. I was looking through the forum and it seems that others have seen similar errors. I chose to start a new, since I thought it might be the best in here. I have not been able to log on for about half a year now. It seems not to be able to connect. It hangs when loading at the 'connecting to server' message. Main log is here: http://pastebin.com/Bg7b2LsS . Initially I thought it could be a port problem, but as I said I saw other similar errors in here, so I hope it can be solved easily. Regards, Zilvador.
  7. Dansker?

    Det er vist aldrig blevet skrevet ind, at vi har lavet vores egen kanal. Alle danskere er velkomne til at tilslutte sig kanal 1805, hvor en del af os som regel sidder og snakker om løst og fast Vel mødt!
  8. It seems that the coordinates given in Xaquelinas quest for Yarrow in Sedicolis aren't correct. There are no yarrow at the given position. It might have been a type error though, since I completed the mission by harvesting the yarrow ten squares away (128,142 and not 128, 131). //Zilvador
  9. exp in -30 mins

    While I was doing a quest, I had quite a few reconnects. After completing the bug, I looked at my session exp counter which showed that I had made about 165k OA exp. While those numbers were right, the average at the bottom showed that I had made close to ten thousand million experience each minute and that I had been playing for -30 mins (was really between 1-1:30 hours). I havn't seen this error before, but the only odd thing about this incident was the reconnects. //Zilvador
  10. Debian/Ubuntu packages from latest CVS

    Excellent. Thank you. It's up and running now
  11. Debian/Ubuntu packages from latest CVS

    Was the CVS package discontinued? I was waiting for it to update for trying out the new client, but if it won't, I'll just try to compile it again
  12. Haidir quests bug

    edit: Allready reported in another thread. I'm sorry.
  13. daily quests

    Excellent addition. They're something to look forward to every day and make the game world more alive //Z
  14. Main languaje

  15. Jezebelle's radu party

    I'm always up for giving my thanks to the developers of Eternal Lands . And of course to the game creator most of all! Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming! //Z