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Well here I am.

I know what I did and I know it was wrong.

(21. No Macroing or Automation.)

I'm willing to accept the punishment you see fit,

as at some point I would like to return.

And I won't do it again, I have too many friends

in the game to lose over this.


*Though I do ask one thing, that I can go into

the game and hand over the guild to a guildie.*

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As entertaining as all those third party posts were, they have no place here.


Ent and I will be discussing an appropriate punishment.

Most likely it will be a storage and inventory wipe and the usual month lock.


We'll see.


As to handing over the guild, no.

Your 19's should be able to manage for a month. You really should have thought of that before you embarked on your clever plan...AGAIN. No sympathies especially since this is not the first time.

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