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    Computers, EL (of course =P), Chocolate and Bike Riding.
  1. Banned

    Hello, it's been a little over a month. I would like to inquire about an unbanning.
  2. Banned

    Well here I am. I know what I did and I know it was wrong. (21. No Macroing or Automation.) I'm willing to accept the punishment you see fit, as at some point I would like to return. And I won't do it again, I have too many friends in the game to lose over this. *Though I do ask one thing, that I can go into the game and hand over the guild to a guildie.*
  3. Guess the player name!

    Is that one supposed to be me? Nicktehbrick was already done
  4. Guess the player name!

    I ran into this post, lets get it started again
  5. Guild Storage (for events)

    Hello everyone, I think this would be a great idea, especially with a larger guild, but as mentioned there is room for abuse. However, people abuse the current system, but we still allow trades between people. (blowing it out of proportion in the other way) I don't see why we need to give up on the idea for just this reason. However there would need to be decisions made about who can access, what rank/etc, and is there might be some discussion as whether items should be tracked, etc. The suggested alternative is guild storage bots, but I think the idea here was to avoid spending the money and time to set it up and run it. However each person feels about this can vary so... yeah. Personally I already have 1 bot and it's plenty enough to manage. I guess it's a good idea, just some major issues to work out.
  6. I think it's a great idea, especially when some people guild hop.
  7. Alchemic

    PYE, epic
  8. Beware Terrance PKG

  9. SUX 2 B U - PKG IS BACK

    Manic is doing you guys well by serping in the Feros cave in Bethel
  10. Looking to buy 10 Hydro Bars

    Okay here is the deal. I want 10 Hydro Bars, and I want you guys to give me your best offers. For those not interested in all gc I also have: 2 Serpent Stones 2 Binding Stones 1 Invasion Token 1 Body Piercing Cloak that you might be interested in. I'll let this post go till Friday unless someone makes an offer I can't refuse
  11. SirJuan the man that never returns your gear

    Every occasion I saw SirJuan online I pm'ed him, with no replies. Other guildies also tried but they had the same outcomes. Sorry for your loss Nathanstenzel.
  12. Server down?

    I'm not going to lie I honestly wasn't sure about that As far as I know, the server is in France So there is just 1 server but multiple mirrors? This IT stuff confuses me sometimes. What is everyone doing to pass the time? I'm about to go outside, harvest some veggies and hope to not get stung by bees
  13. Server down?

    I'm not going to lie I honestly wasn't sure about that
  14. Server down?

    Rawrr rawrrr forum troll eat you up!!!
  15. Server down?

    I lost my connection too, and I was in the middle of fighting a cyclops...