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Client Removes *

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I love the new emotes, and I love the way you can enter them using text, as well as clicking on the icons.


At the moment, you can combine the new emotes with speaking. Like typing:

  • 1) "Hi. *waveleft" or
    2) ":agrees. *nod"

The client says the text and at the same time perform the action. This is great.


However, it would be nice if the client edited out the *waveleft part, so it doesn't look silly.


Just a suggestion, but I think it would make the text-command emotes more flexible.





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Good idea,


Can i ask if its possible to automaticly when u say "hi" in local the char auto emote?


like when you say f*** it shows smeg, but instead of showing smeg do the emote?


-Hi (wave hand)

-Hey (wave hand)

-Woot (jump)

-Bye (wave other hand)

... and so on


would be even nicer if we can edit a list on local files so we can "program" foreign words too i.e. "hola" for spanish,


the word would work as a trigger for the emote, instead of typing *<cmmnd>

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Tico, I think you can do that already. Open emotes.xml and you'll see the tags <command> in which you can change or add too I believe, different commands.

It should work but I'm not positive, haven't tried :evilgrin:

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