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Weapons & armors sale

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Hello, time for some spring storage clearing :P


Thermal Serp - 400kgc


Dragon blade - 79k


Halberds - 41k


Spears - 31k


Radioactive titanium long - 25k


jagged sabres - 27k

orc slayers - 27k

cutlass - 27k

rapiers - 27k

eagle wings - 27k

sunbreakers - 27k

emerald claymore - 27k


900 S2E swords - 960 ea (or 950 ea if buying 500+)


100 titanium short swords - 30k bulk


Serp swords - 14k


Ice dragon set (plate+cuisses+greaves) - 390k

Black dragon sets (plate+cuisses+greaves) - 290k


Steel greaves / cuisses - 25k ea


Steel sets - 112k


Titanium Sets - 160k


Titanium shields - 29k



pm/gossip me ingame (Sheitan) or post here.

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