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  1. Elf_Ninja Baby

    Gratz Elf_ninja!
  2. The harvesting animation poll

    The problem of having animations in several directions can be solved with the client always sending a turn around command every time one start to harvest and one turn around facings the harvestable. Its the natural thing to do because the current way where one can face away from the harvestable and harvest it is very different from real life. Also all animations can be handled entirely inside the client without any server interaction since the client today do the harvest animations - this implies that one don't see the harvesting of others as it is today. So this can be solved with the client utilizing a special emot every time it harvest something (with a condition that each emote is started at most one per 10 sec so the client don't use 100% of CPU with trying to emote a harest every 2 sec.)
  3. EL Urban Legends

    It dosnt matter how many who make FE - its still the same chance of making an EFE. To prevent an abundance of a certain item radu changes the chance of an item being made if there already are too many in the game. The best way to increase the rate of making an EFE from an FE is to use up all EFE in the game then radu will make the chance to make an EFE higher. Its well known that sometimes the rate of getting a EFE has been 0. Ob Urban legend - TD and Hulda sto.
  4. goloven PIWO is a spawn serper

    I was killing the polar bears in glac for a quest when goloven start to serp my spawn and kill the polar bears. Sir Megatron was witnessing this since he was waiting to get my spawn when I was done: [PM to goloven: its not polite to kill others spawn] [PM from Sir_Megatron: ? whats goloven doing] [PM from goloven: blablabla ] goloven continued to serp my spawn.
  5. Or just make the damage the same as the characters (A+D)/4 + 10-20 a 10/10 gives (10+10)/4 + 10-20 = 5 + 10-20 or 15-25 damage so a 50/50 gives (50+50)/4 + 10-20 = 25 + 10-20 or 35-45 damage and a 100/100 gives (100 + 100)/4 + 10-20 = 50 + 10-20 or 60-80 damage and a 150/150 gives (150 + 150)/4 + 10-20 = 66 + 10-20 or 76-86 So a low-level character does the same damage as today and it requires a high level character to do any decent damage.
  6. I finally got there \o/ :)

    Gratz I got less than 500K left before I reach harvest 100. I know it takes a long time to get there.
  7. Susje's Emporium

    A tip - have you checked what NPC buy BR for ?
  8. Mines visible outside minimap

    Ive seen it but thought it was a feature.
  9. You dont have to do that - just put a direct link to download the torrent from your own site if you prefer that. Pubilishing it on pirate bay is just extra to get more players into the game.
  10. Make a download option to download it through bittorrent. Most players can thus help seed it and you will have alot less download costs. Publish it on PirateBay
  11. New tutorial ideas

    A better name for TutorialNPC given that the other NPC is called Wraith is Saint. But other possible names is Angel, Entropy or just plain Tom. As for the tutorial quest. Why not make it so Tom need some items and the player have to go out and get them for Tom. The "continue the quest" can become "Tom needs help"
  12. v1.9.0

    White stone outside 111,245 is a snake that you cant see, can't be attacked and it can't move.
  13. More Spawns

    Yes the haidir quest has created a big demand for those creatures that is part of the quests especially when there is only 2-3 creature spawns as part of the quest and you have to kill 30 of these.
  14. Ubuntu/Debian Linux packages for 1.9.0 release

    I've noticed that recepies dont work. They arent saved when I try too save them for later use ?
  15. S>Stuff i dont need

    I take all the rest of the mullein for 0.5gc each.