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  1. Apologize from Wafel

    Hi, i’m writing for my friend because he can’t post in Bans section and he want write here this apologize to Aislinn, Radu and all players.
  2. Hello, I will create www guild page for you. I can make a simple xhtml page or on any cms like wordpress, joomla, quick cms, data life engine and propably other too My work include layout / css / semantic code - SEO friendly code / installing, configuring cms / helping with cms? Of course i accept GC. For more info PM me or try catch in game.
  3. Auction 20k HE

    Auction end! i am trying to catch you ingame
  4. Auction 20k HE

    Auction 20k HE Start: 175k Min bid: 1k Buy it now: 185k Time: 48 h
  5. n0ser bagjumper

    Dilly i dont talk about lion... but i think you are talking about it! http://s3.ifotos.pl/img/elscreen0_heshqws.jpg old good times lol edit: btw its still pk? It isn't ?
  6. n0ser bagjumper

    Thanks :-) Banning on bots?? Hmm for scammers maybe good idea...but for example i got banned on few bots because i pk somebody...
  7. n0ser bagjumper

    ^^ http://s2.ifotos.pl/img/elscreen0_heshhnq.jpg
  8. Buying / Selling

  9. Selling 1k Steel bars

    16k chrysanthemums - 0.4 gc each?
  10. Buying / Selling

    Buying: Silver - 2.3 ea Sunflowers - 0.75 ea Bones - 2.2 ea Selling: No More Tears Cape - 520 kgc (on UnitGirl) 1500 Potion of feasting - 14 ea 10 k Health Essence - 9.5 ea Pm me in game YetiO.
  11. Selling some

    412k for nmt
  12. Selling some

    410k for nmt
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Yetio, 5 x 20 k Sunflower (75 kgc) Please. Thanks