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New potion

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my idea is obvious: to make a potion that makes you have no cooldown on EVERYTHING for 1 or maximum 2 minutes.

Its ingredients total cost should add up to around 200gc


you can use one of these potions/hour or maybe 2potions/hour because otherwise it would be too strong (so: the potion of no cooldown would have a cooldown actually of 30 minutes or so)


why is it good?


(because cooldown is evil, and it would be great to have the no cooldown feeling again -even if just for a limited time (and not only in Tahraji Desert).)

1. it would have a good effect on pk (come on, BR potions and damage rings!!! :D)

2. if pk than on fighting monsters too (same reason)

3. manufacturers could enjoy for 1 minute making high food consuming products really fast (like the HEs waaay long time ago eating fruits rapidly)

4. i could use it in any skill where i have to use anything that cools down to have no cooldown finally

5. its good to have a lot of potions in a fantasy game :)



can it be done please?

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1 or 2 minutes of no cooldown is 1 or 2 minutes of invincibility............


Maybe if its a ring that removes all your cooldowns like ti-cuisses of cd removal, which has a long cooldown itself... and if you make such an item it should cost about 500gc atleast.

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iirc something similar has been suggested before, i know there was a suggestion about a #day of no cooldown even but for this suggestion if it was a potion that removed cooldown it would be better if you removed the cooldown on the items in your inv that you have cooldown on atm and not have a time period of it, don't want cooldown on your other items in sto bring lots of anti cooldown pots with you so you can drink loads of em :D

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because cooldown is evil,


I disagree, cooldown is good.

PK without cooldown is mostly about who can carry more he/srs,

fights are too long(in case of samilar strenght of the opponets ofc).

Fighting strong monsters is not a challenge.

Take iedp or eat toads if you want no cooldown on food.

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