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  1. Enchanted Pickaxes

    great idea harvesting would be more fun cause of this. the game-ecomony would defenitly benefit because of this new stuf. but for the enchanted pick its better to use 5-10 picks (on basis of the power of the enchant) for a enchant (better money sink).
  2. More realistic temperatures

    a new protection stat called light protection can be used for the deserts
  3. lead and lead based armor

    lead probably also gives heat/cold protection
  4. well i had this idea since there are now more radiactive weapons and enviroments and monsters with i glow in the dark (also radiactive) i thought directly of lead, this metal was in real life very early in use (roman civilization), and i schould give very good radiation protection. let say: lead helm 3 rad protection 15 emu lead greave 6 rad protection 30 emu lead cuises 9 rad protection 35 emu lead plate 12 rad protection, 50 emu so full set : 30 rad protection and 130 emu but it schould only give as much defense as leather armor since lead is a very soft metal, but it schould protect you agaist glow in the dark if you wear the full set. it should have a high break rate (like aug leather) so not made for long duration combat. very heavy to wear. with this stuff the rad damage you get on some places can be raised. so when there are precious resources on some places the will be harde to get without this armor. lead ore should be common but heavier than gypsum.
  5. Save the Instance

    let monsters drop some alembics and vial molds, there have a good market
  6. fishing maybe?

    harvest fish like fruit on market stalls, but you need a fishing rod for it
  7. More realistic temperatures

    yea good idea, fur clothes are useless now and then the finaly would get used (little more profit for mid lv manuers) and at sume new fur clothes like polarbear fur clothes (extra cold protection), white dragon armor also should not have heat protection since ice dragons are polar creatures. and maybe a some more variety by light modifiers on clothes like dark clothes should have a negative light modifier and white clothes a positive. atm black clothes/armor are as visible as white clothes/armor (doesnt make sense to me )
  8. Sulfuric Acid

    like this idea . maybe for bolt change to break/degrade armor since its acid (sounds most logical to me) and maybe make titanium and bronze (not sure if this can resists sulfuric acid) holding armors more resistant to this degrade than iron or steel armor. and without the dragon scale? maybe with chemical or acid damage each hit. humanalien, no. you can add to recipe, for example, 3 empty vials: 1 mix=4 potions Entropy, you know the right adjustments about cost/parameters/pros/cons Ranging level is useful: more levels, more chances to hit. also good then the scales will have some use and got also new additions to it, sulfuric would be the base of other acids like nitric acid (from saltpeter) and hydrocloric acid (from salt as new harvestable) 1 sulfuric acid + 2 saltpeter (KNO3) => 1 nitric acid 1 sulfuric acid + 2 salt (nacl) => 1 hydrochloric acid then you can have 3 type of arrows with different effects they are al produced using alchemy skil.
  9. Sulfuric Acid

    and without the dragon scale? maybe with chemical or acid damage each hit.
  10. Sulfuric Acid

    sounds cool, maybe if it dont hit the face let it do 20 (chemical) dmg.
  11. Make Dragons stronger

    maybe not raise the A/D but their P/C en hitpoints, that schould make some difference. now there indeed just too easy (also ice dragons) is i saw once during an irilion invasion. just 4 people to kill it => 4 rangers and 1 fighter behind a wall.
  12. Wicked Poisonous scorpions

    a giant slug 5% to freeze for 2 sec when attacking it because of al its slime
  13. i had an idea about a potion filled with blackpowder en a rope that needs to be ignited and deals about 50 damage with crit dam of 150. reason of crit 150 dam: glas shards flow everywhere and can easily go through holes of the armor (head mostly). for ings i would suggest => 5 blackpowder, 1 rope and a vial. a fire ess would be required for igniton. disadvantage: its deals collecteral damage so its best to throw it from far on someone or you would be hit to or your allies. it would work like ranging then and 1 minute cooldown before another one can be lauched=> to simulate the burning of the rope. hope you like it
  14. New potion

    such a potion must not be cheaper than 5-10kgc, so its not too much used.
  15. Death Cloak

    option 2 sounds good 1 is indeed a bit too powerful => combat will be to easy then