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Video Driver Guide: What works for you?

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As half of EL knows, I was having a heck of a time finding a driver update version for my graphics card that worked and didn't cause black screen flashing. A lot of people are finding that either their graphics card manufacturer does not support their brand of laptop/pc, or their pc manufacturer is not staying very up-to-date with it's driver updates, or a combination of both. So after a week of frustration, I finally found a driver update version that works for me, and I thought it would be a great idea for there to be a help thread for those who are having similar difficulties.

This thread is for people to post in ONLY if you have a fully functional graphics card working with a recent driver update that supports the upcoming client with no problems (not counting the evtr mine crash since that is ent's compiler issue). This is not to post your problems, or ask for help.

Please post here your system specs, including make and model of your pc or laptop, Operating System (OS) such as windows xp-home, Windows-Vista, Linux, etc 32 bit or 64 bit, driver version, openGL version supported by your driver, and where you downloaded your driver from. Feel free to post any pertinent guide or information you think will help that I left out :bow_arrow:


Laptop: Sager NP5760-V

Core 2 Duo T7600 2.33 GHz 4MB

Graphics card: nv GeForce Go 7950 GTX w/512MB

OS: Windows XP-home 32 bit

Driver: ForceWare 179.48

OpenGL version: 2.1.2


I used the guides and downloaded my driver from here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9243

and the advice from here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index....&hl=7950GTX


What I did in order: (Please note, this is done from a Windows-XP OS)

1. I downloaded the driver update. (You will need to know your operating system, how many bits, graphics card info, possibly make and model of your laptop/pc in order to choose the right version)

2. I extracted the update into a folder on my desktop right next to the recycle bin for easy access. Note: this driver did not happen to need a modded INF file for this graphics card (see laptopvideo2go.com guide for more on that)

3. I downloaded Driver Cleaner Professional from here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745

4. Ran Setup.exe from Driver Cleaner Pro. Also put that shortcut in the folder mentioned in step 2 for easy access after rebooting in safe mode.

5. Uninstall current driver (you can either do that from your control panel or go start -> my computer -> view system information (left side) -> hardware -> device manager -> double click on display adapters -> double click on graphics card -> driver tab -> uninstall

6. Reboot and go into safe mode.

7. Run Driver cleaner following instructions

8. Reboot

9. Run driver.exe you have already placed on your desktop in step 2. Your computer might try to run a VGA installation, click cancel if that box pops up.

10. Reboot

You hopefully will be good to go, try the new rc client :P


Edit 2-24-09: Updated drivers from ForceWare 167.46(still working fine with EL to this date) to ForceWare 179.48 (due to non-EL related troubles).

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Working just fine here (minus the minor stuff I posted-no crashes). The driver version is bolded below:


HP Pavillion, a1710n --


Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ (2207 MHz)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista

DirectX version: 10.0

GPU processor: GeForce 8500 GT

ForceWare version: 169.25

Total available graphics memory: 1279 MB

Dedicated video memory: 256 MB

System video memory: 0 MB

Shared system memory: 1023 MB

Video BIOS version:

IRQ: 16

Bus: PCI Express x16


EDIT: got the driver from http://www.nvidia.com

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Anyone running a nVidia GeForce 5100 or newer, non GeForce "Go" video card should simply be able to update to the latest ForceWare and will then be fine. Click HERE to get the latest nVidia driver.


In regard to the nVidia GeForce Go laptop-only series of chips, any of you with these chips should be contacting both nVidia and your laptop manufacturer and complaining. There is nothing wrong with your hardware, it's due to driver support and corporate policies that you have to go through the process described by Aislinn.

Say to them that there is no technical reason why the normal nVidia Forceware drivers should not work with your current graphics units, and that you have found information on modifying the INF files that come with the nVidia Forceware so that it will work with your GeForce Go, and that if they dont do something about it, you will be forced to use those modifications so you can play the games and run the applications you want.


(Don't say you already did, it could void warranties... if your laptop is already out of warranty, go for it).



But still; props to laptopvideo2go.com for the hax0red INFs :rolleyes:




Actually, just re-reading the thread on laptopvideo2go forums you linked to Aisy, it says their INFs will get pre-GeForce 5 series cards working with the latest drivers as well. So what i said above all applies for people with GeForce 4 and older cards too... which is a good thing really.

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My System:

HP Pavilion dv8000 (EX177AV)

Intel centino duo - T2600 (?)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600


My Solution:

Installed the driver found here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index....showtopic=17608

With the instructions found here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9243


1) download the driver and the Modded INF

2) run the driver file to extract the files

3) copy and paste the modded INF file into the folder with the extracted files, saying YES to any replace this file messages

4) find and run the setup.exe file in the same folder

5) I got a message about SLi issues and just clicked ok with no consequences.


And thats it! A very easy solution that will give my laptop many more years of happy life :P


I have contacted both HP and nvidia with courteous but insistent emails asking for explanations as to why they do not release the drivers for the GO systems when there is clearly no technical or hardware issues preventing it. I strongly encourage everyone with a GO card to do the same. I contacted nvidia by clicking the "Ask a Question" tab here: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nvidia....ser/std_alp.php

and going through their process.


Be courteous but ask when nvidia intends to update the drivers for the GeForce GO cards to support OpenGL version 2.1.2, etc, as the regular GeForce series now does, and give evidence from the laptopvideo2go.com site that there is no technical reason why the new drivers can't work with the GO series cards. Ask for an explanation. But don't swear at them! Phrase your message in a way that will get a response. Only by getting them to read these messages and respond to us can we have a hope of encouraging them to change their policy.


Good luck, everyone!

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I have a new Dell Inspiron notebook (my previous comp having just died) with Windows Vista home premium 32-bit using AMD Turion 64 CPU with ATI Radeon X1270 video. The drivers that came with the machine (7/21/2007 8.371.1.1100) had problems applying the textures to the actors. I went to the Dell website and installed new Catalyst drivers (they were labelled as Radeon X1250). Device manager now shows the drivers as 8.423.0.0 dated 10/11/2007. With these drivers I no longer get the problem with rendering of actors.

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i have finally managed to get EL running on my laptop.

Its a

Acer Travelmate 8005LMi


ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (128MBVRAM)

and WinXP as OS



Video card: MOBILITY RADEON 9700 x86/SSE2

Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc.

OpenGL Version: 2.0.6287 WinXP Release


the last driver from acer is old (27.1.2004) and wasnt working with el.

So i tried out some drivers from omegadrivers- not working.

Then tried out some from here http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=18

going from the newest version down to older ones.

Since ATI had changed something regarding Mobility drivers around version 6.5 of the Catalyst driver, i expected a working one in this region.

i found the


drivers working for me (see glinfo above) although they base on catalyst version 7.1 but who cares :)

now even UVP is working on that laptop.

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Desktop: Barebones(So no make or model :)) But Intel P4 2.4 GHz, 1 GB ram

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 5500

OS: Windows XP Home

Driver: 175.16

OpenGL version:2.1.2

I got the Nvidia drivers from their site, worked fine :)

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Laptop: Lenovo Z570-1

Chipset: Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Dual Core (2.3GHz, Intel Sandy Bridge)

Graphics: Optimus switched Intel HD3000 and Nvidia GT555M

Driver: Nvidia-current under Ironhide

OpenGL: 2.1.2

OS: Unbuntu 11.04 & 11.10


There are a few tricks to setting up EL under Optimus switching graphics systems. The default GPU is an Intel which runs natively on linux, but with the speed of a striking slug. Hence, the only true path to joy is by engaging the discrete nvidia chip. Alas that ain't easy, and attempting to do so by installing the nvidia driver in the normal way will render your system unusable (after log-on, you'll get a black screen). You'll still be able to boot in recovery mode, but it'll be using the vesa driver and have a very restricted graphics capacity which won't allow you to run EL (or any other opengl proggy).


If you do (as everyone with optimus inevitably seems to) install the nvidia driver and end up in this position, don't panic. Simply boot in recovery mode and remove the driver from the command line. Once the nvidia driver is removed, just reboot as normal and linux should recognise the intel chip and work with it natively (no special drivers need to be installed). Check that everything's working properly by calling up a command line console and running glxgears (you should see a little animation of some gears if all is working well).


However, to engage the nvidia chip, you'll need to load software from the Ironhide project*. You'll find the repository at https://launchpad.net/~mj-casalogic/+archive/ironhide/. If you're adding from synaptic, be sure to open the details window, as the installer will request some command line input and otherwise hang the install.


Once loaded, if you're running 11.04, go to System/Administration on the gnome menu bar, or under 11.10 you'll have to wade through unity. you'll find a proggy called ***Ironhide Applications Settings where you'll need to add Eternal Lands and any other proggy that you want to run using the nvdia chip**. To get EL or anything else to run, you then need to invoke it from the command line* and preface with 'optirun', ie to get EL up and running, you enter 'optirun eternallands'.


*Ironhide is a continuation of a former project called bumblebee. The latter is still available, but is no longer updated. If you've already loaded bumblebee, make sure you remove and purge it from the command line before installing ironhide, otherwise that way lies madness. More info on ironhide can be found at http://www.martin-juhl.dk/2011/08/ironhide-reporting-for-duty/


** if you want the nvidia chip to run whilst your lappy is on battery, select 'Performance', otherwise you'll only get it when you're connected to mains electric.


*** There's another proggy called Ironhide Indicator, which is an applet that shows when the Nvidia chip is engaged and provides a shortcut to Ironhide Appplication Settings. Under 11.10, just click on the icon and it'll load to the Unity menu bar. Haven't so far managed to get it to work under 11.04 with Gnome. Any ideas gratefully received.

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Nvidia sucks and always have....


They have been known for years for breaking their drivers with updates. Causing games playable to become unplayable.

I am an old gamer, always stuck with AMD-ATI for game compatabilty... play many old games regularly.. back to the mid nineties...


Here it is....... inherited an HDX9494nr.. Intel core duo 2.1GHZ, nvidia 8800m gts 512mb ddr3, 20" inch lcd... performance laptop.. Vista x64 great laptop but....


Over the last year been have random crashes. Sometimes an hour to three hours.. Sometimes playing EL, other games or just youtubing and afk harvesting. Thought is was adobe flash while afk. And the last nvidia update 301.42.... bam.. 3 to 15 min crash.. still thought might the flash because I play in window mode with the wiki and bot services page open all the time afk and surf.... Never a problem on my amd quad with amd/ati card.... but I use the HDX as my Main machine now... moved it around alot being a laptop...


Well after a 2 week reverting back to previous drivers, still getting the occasional ramdom crashes, deciding to test upgrade win7, but still the same problem. Still thought it had to do with firefox and adobe....as well as some games...HOLD IT.....


Came across a forum dedicated to the HDX series HP performance laptops... guess what after elaborate testing the problem was that nvidia broke the driver for this and other series cards since version 257.21..... 2 f___ing years ago.... went back 257.21... guess what....test: had the machine on constantly for two days.... played EL and other games, windowed, surfed, email, youtubed, afk harvesting.... <<<<<DID NOT CRASH ONCE>>>>> Hold on... ain't done yet....


Next restored my legal version of Vista x64... nvidia 257.21 verde.... And guess what... same result.... NO Crashes....

will likely work with dedicated cards having problems also....



Went back to the forum, read through and discovered the great geeks who figured this out being good open source computer professionals notified Nvidia engineers.... and u guessed it they did nothing.... but continued to issue the drivers with the broken code.

WHY....... I am in my fifties, an old fart, so let me tell u about big corps.... I do not blame the engineers and the programmers who in generally want to create the best product. The CEO's do not give a crap about the consumer and they need u to buy more... IMHO the driver was broken on purpose to get all to buy new cards... It is just good business... In their opinion...


The problem is the hidden powermizer setting Nvidia incorporates in the driver....


For u Linux users.... guess what... they broke those drivers too.... I was a PCLinuxOS guy.... love the full monty version... had it over a year. played EL, Doom3, Quake4, Wolfenstein all native.. but about a year ago had to stop upgrading the Nvidia driver.. it would crash system.. unfortunately a hard drive failure with no backup this year time screwed me.... Most LiveCD will not boot because of the nvidia driver.. Hate Ubuntu... KDE guy... went with Kubuntu because they boot with the nouveau drivers. Uninstalled nvidia drivers completely. Got EL to run... though not optimised... but runs... disabled cloud shadows, fog, reflections... 38 to 45 fps.


So for over a year I suffered because of their greed......nvidia with windows and linux.... bullocks.....




but I continue...

Just for a side not I noticed lots of problem with firefox and flash.... some mentioned the driver, it is the nvidia driver not the flash...


ATI, now AMD/ATI, never broke the backwards compatability rule... I had trouble with their installation at times but never broke old drivers or games... Never a problem with firefox and flash youtube either. So for u nvidia heads caught up with their advertizing well there u have it....


<<<<HOLD ON>>>>


Now went back to the forum, and the great geeks found a mod for the nvidia broken driver..... yep..... whoa....

changes the powermiser settings... u geeks and hackers are the best....


NOW Running HDX9494nr... Nvidia 301.42 Verde notebook drivers Release 5-23-2012.... Vista x64.... runs like a dream..... no crashes for a week so far..... not from games or flash player while surfing.... I am reborn..... no more problems on windows at least..... no more crashes... it feels soooo good!


Anybody having any random crashes with nvidia decated cards or chipsets and want to use the lastest drivers...... send me a message.... I send u what u need....

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