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New feature freeze (after 1.5.0)

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Well, after several days of battling, I've backed my way out of a wholesale rewrite of the actors code and settled for some targeted bug fixing. As this was a smaller change then I was thinking, I've committed to CVS directly. My commit fixes the map change crash related to sounds and adds actors mutex locks to the bits of sound executed in a thread. There are also a few extra checks for NULL pointers and some extra MUTEX_DEBUG code. Sorry for the delay.

Nice work, bluap. Do your fixes relate to any of the following bugs:



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The first sounds like it is related because of the mutex but I can't see how. However, the problem code could have gone off doing all kinds of nasty stuff so I can't be ruled out. When someone gets round to investigating further, a memory corruption issue might prove a link.


The second, I believe is related to KarenRei code that was not updated with some other change. The code is not a release #define. I've added the original forum threads to Mantis.


edit: fix it to say what I meant!

Edited by bluap

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