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Signature Practice :)

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Well as you all may know i've been working with signatures and avatars on teh photoshop cs3 :icon13:


Any way not trying to compete with mister Saint but I figured I'd give a shop a shot.


A matching sig / avatar costs 5-10kgc depending on how "special" you want it to look. just post specs and i'll show sig / avvy and you tell me if u like if it needs improving etc... and pay me what you deem fair :P


Here is some work...



















----------- ---------------



I'll also do guild webpage images. Here are afew








Aight if you need anything just post or pm me in game



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guild logo please good sir and a banner to go with it if thats ok


Guild name: Pal (Paladins of Ancient Lands)


To look something paladiny lol, blue coloured writing, ill leave the rest to your imagination

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Nice work Stricken, please have a go at mine: Nardo, League of Groovy Gentlemen, contact me in-game or pm here. Thanks.

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