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Well, we are pretty much always recruiting, but the time came to make a post about it. Just to get the word out to anyone that doesn’t know about guild star. :)


If any of you have happened to type #guild_info star before, you may have seen a brief description of our guild. Soon, hopefully that info will be a little better (we are still discussing exactly what it will say).


Basically Star is a guild of healers, and helpers. We are peaceful, and non-pk. We have NO enemies and lots of friends and allies. We return all death bags, all the time, no matter who dropped them, no matter where, no matter how they died. We don’t beg, we don’t spam, we don’t scam.


Since star is mostly focused on healing, the skills magic and alchemy (for essences obviously) get a lot of attention. But we’re open to other skills as well, and just because we don’t PK doesn’t mean you can’t train attack and defense.


As for guild government, Star happily operates under the tyranny of our very own guild monkey (GM) kailomonkey. He’s guild master, macnathan is rank 19, and the rest of us just get to be part of the guild. But it doesn’t really matter; we may not have official ranks that let us type special commands, but everyone’s opinion is considered equally for any guild matters.


And, as far as joining, you’ll need the basic game requirements, and the magic abilites to heal others, preferably alchemy abilities to make your own essences as well.


That’s about all I can say for guild Star, you can check out the website http://www.freewebs.com/starguild you can also go to http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35271 to check out a story about the beginnings of guild star (the story is on the guild website as well). A sequel to that is planned and well on the way, to explain more about the guild and its members. Who knows, if you join we might even be able to squeeze you into it.


If you check out the guild site, you can find some comics by moonskimmer. They are just little glimpses into what we call the 'guild room'. The comics were made for the guild though, and some might not seem that funny to you because they're inside jokes. They're nicely drawn though :)


If the website doesn’t give you enough information you can contact kailomonkey or macnathan, or even myself (Enly in game :P ). If you want to join however, you will need to contact kailomonkey or macnathan.


Star isn't a new guild, we've been around for a little over a year now I believe, but we (we being I :) ) just thought it was time to make a post and let everyone know about us.


Just let us know if you are interested in joining, and if you're not, well you're sure to notice us healing you sometime ;)

Edited by Enly

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Yay for STAR, I love you guys!


nice comics btw <3

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we love you to Lexi :)


And I'll let moons know you liked her comics :)

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This was a good advert Enly. Unfortunately Star was decommissioned when the GM took a 10 year sabbatical. Thank you to all our allies and friends of the time <3

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