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Contest/Event Guide

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Below is a guide about contests/events and how to host your own contests/events in the game!


1) Some Types of Events (Also see this)

• Giveaways

• Manhunts (a.k.a. Hide & Seek contests)

• Treasure hunts

• Storytelling

• Trivia

• Riddle

• Celebration

• Invasions

• PK contests

• Organised Wars

• Skill Contests

• Luck Contests


2) When are contests held?

• You can’t always know when a contest is being held. Keep your eye out on channel 7, since most contests start there when a player announces it at a random time.

• Sometimes a moderator will announce a contest, or will just announce that something might be starting soon on the channel. If you’re interested, check the channel.

• Some big contests may also be posted in advance on the forums. (See this)


3) Who can host contests?

• Everybody is free to do so. But be aware that most contestants like a prize for winning.

• Moderators can start a contest once in a while as well. They will usually announce it with blue messages.

• If you want your contests to be announced because there are not enough people on the channel, you can use #help_me and ask a mod to announce it for you. Do not be angry if you do not get a response. Mods have other work to do as well.


4) Who can play in contests?

• Naturally, everybody can do so. However, there are some exceptions. (See this)


5) How to host a contest

• First plan out the event you want to do. It does take some time and organization depending on what you're going to be doing.

• Find a suitable prize to give away to the winner, the prize must be announced at the beginning of the contest.

• When you are ready to start the contest, join channel 7-which is the events channel-and find out if there are any events going on. If there is one, you'll have to wait until it's over to start your event.

• Depending on the type of contest (See point 1 above, and point 7 below) you have to give players good instructions of what they have to do.

• If you get an announcement (See point 3.3), make sure to announce when the contest ends as well.


6) What to do in a contest

• Always follow the official Eternal Lands rules. (See this)

• Also stick to the channel rules. (You will most likely be using channel 7, see this)

• Listen to the announcement, whether it is a mod announcement or not.

• Do what you are told to do. (See point 7 below)


7) Specific guidelines for the types of contests listed above

A) Giveaways

In a giveaway contest, the host will tell you his/her location so that you can race there together with others, to claim items. These types of contests come in several varieties, but there is usually nothing more to it than getting to the host to win a prize.

Example: ”Take it all” contest by jjk


B) Manhunts (a.k.a. Hide & Seek contests)

A manhunt is a bit like a giveaway. The difference lies in the difficulty. Where you only have to go to a given location in a giveaway, you will have to find the host in a manhunt yourself. Cryptic clues may be given. It is up to you to decipher them and figure out where to go. Most likely the host will allow you to ask questions. Use questions like “What are you sitting on?” or “Is there any water near you?” so it is easier to locate the person. Do NOT ask things like “What map are you on?” or “What are your coordinates?”. This is generally not appreciated, and will most likely not be answered. When you find the right person, you have to trade him. Sometimes, a manhunt is extended to finding more than 1 person. If you find the first person, you will then get a hint to find the second, and so on.

Another added feature could be an item that you have to bring. This item can be told from beforehand in the announcement, or it can be asked after you have found the host. It is either named, or you have to find the correct item by deciphering another cryptic clue or a riddle.

It could also happen that when you find the first person, that he gives you an item which you have to take to someone else. This could also be called the Fetch-and-carry type of contest, of which I decided to merge it with the manhunts, as they usually go together.

Example: “Find me” contest by Enly


C) Treasure hunts

A treasure hunt is like a manhunt, but then with a bag. Normal bags are usually not left behind unattended, so the modern treasure hunt involves hyperspace bags. These bags are invisible but they last forever. To open a hyperspace bag, you need a Skeleton Key! You can buy them from Tanta who is located in Port Anitora. She sells them for 150 gold a piece. Make sure you bring more than one, because you lose the key after usage, whether you have found a bag or not.

Locating a bag is done with cryptic clues or riddles again. They are quite a bit harder since you have to find the exact coordinates. You will either get more specific hints, or you will have to sacrifice a lot of keys.

Example: Hyperspace bag Hunt by Terena


D) Storytelling and Performances

These contests will most likely be announced plenty of time before hand. You can find them on the Events Forum. Naturally, you have to prepare a story or a performance act. A date and location will be given out. At the time of the contest, go to the given location. If you had to sign up, the host will give you the order in which people have to perform. If signing up was not required, everybody will get his turn in a random order. While players are telling their story or when they are acting, do not interrupt them! You may speak all you want when it is your turn. If there is a judge to decide the winner, respect their choice.

Example: Halloween just around the corner by Event Team


E) Trivia

In a trivia contest, you will get questions on the channel (or in an agreed upon location where contestants gather) which you have to answer. The first to give a correct answer will win. You can win a small prize for every correct answer, or you can get a big prize if you are the one with the most correct answers. This all depends on the choice of the host. The questions are usually EL-related. But it can occur that a different subject is chosen (most likely because of some RL event).

Always make sure you know how to answer!!! This is very important. The host will tell you how an answer has to be given. This will either be in a PM or on the channel (or in local chat if it is held at a certain location). If you have to PM an answer and you give it away on the channel, you will not get your prize, even though you were first and it is correct.

Example: Time for another contest by ttlanhil


F) Riddle

Riddles are a lot like trivia contests. Instead of a question, you get a riddle, it’s that simple. Though usually you will get riddles in Manhunts, like mentioned in the Manhunt section. Nothing more to it.

Example: Oracle by Iori


G) Celebrations

Celebrations are big events. They will always be announced from beforehand on the forums. You do not need to do anything but attending if you wish to be there. It’s more of a happy event than a challenging contest. The hosts of this celebration event may have implemented some contests though. Just enjoy being there, and if there is more to do, read the other guidelines.

Example: Annual High Society Gala by Lumino


H) Invasions

Invasions are led by moderators. (Or they can be automated). You cannot host an invasions yourself.

There is also a new system being planned so that players can start an invasion. More info about this will follow later.

If you want to know what to do in an invasion, take a look here.

Example: Criticism after an invasion by Iori


I) PK contests

PK contests can be small, medium or big.

The bigger ones will be announced on the forums. You then have to sign up, and you will be put in a roster. In this roster, an opponent will be pointed out for you. A date and place will be agreed on, and then you go and fight. If you win, you go on to the next round, if you lose, you are out of the contest.

A medium PK contest is what happens when a mod announces that a team/player has taken over a map or a part of a map. Just go to that map and eliminate the team/player to win this contest. Watch out for bodyguards though, they are players who may be protecting your target.

The smaller PK contests can suddenly be announced on channel 7. It is usually one host who wants other players to attack them. If you manage to kill the host, you will win the contest. But beware of false contests! It may happen that a strong player goes to DP arena and wants you to attack him. This is only possible below 40 A/D, so always check as much as possible, if the opponent is beatable!

(You can use this if the host has his privacy set on, a player with attack and defense in top 500 will surely be too strong for a 40/40 contest.)

Example: Legends of the Empire’s seasonal PK League by ~LE~ guild


J) Organised Wars

Like big PK contests, organised wars should be announced on the forums. These will definitely require you to sign up, as you fight in teams. There is a wide range of possible objectives, so make sure you read the contest rules and info. Other than that, just fight and try to survive so you can achieve your goal.

Example: Invading Curses by Cyprom


K) Skill Contests

The skill contests are a lot more complex than the average contest. They require the contestants to have reasonable levels in a certain or multiple skills. You will have to sign up, because this is a big event. The contestants will be going to a check-up to see if their inventory is empty (with a trade-control system). If everything looks ok, you are sent of with a Skeleton key and coordinates to a hyper bag. Go to the bag and find out for yourself what items you are able to mix with the ingredients in the bag. So don’t try to make the biggest thing you think is possible, mix as many items as you can, using less ingredients. These will also give less points though, and the scores will not be published until the end of the event, so try to vary between high and low level items.

So far this has been the only kind of skill contest held for the public. More skill contests in different forms may come later, info will be updated if that happens.

Example: Glilin’s Secret Armor Recipe’s by Event Team


L) Luck Contests

Luck contests... Naturally based on luck. They can happen in several forms. Most of the time you will see an announcement saying that you have to PM someone, and if you’re lucky, you get a prize. For example “The 5th person to PM Cyprom <You are a bad cook> wins a Frying Pan”. Make sure you type exactly what it says, even typo’s (they might be deliberate).

Luck might also be needed in manhunts and the like. After finding the host, you must pick a number. Depending on the number you get nothing/a bad prize/a nice prize.

And of course there are also lotteries. Beware of scammers! People will sell you tickets, but those tickets will NOT appear in your inventory. If they are trustworthy people, they will draw a winner.

Good luck ;-)

Example: EL Lottery Extra Winnings by Daxon


8) What are contests for?

• Everybody has his own reasons to play or not to play in a contest. Let it be for fun! Or if you must do it for the prizes... So be it. As long as it is enjoyable.

Got a good idea for a type of event not listed here? Feel free to do it, and even post about it in the forums! As long as it doesn't go against the rules of the game, you can try almost anything.



I hope this guide can make it a bit easier for players on channel 7 who don't know exactly what to do.


-- Cyp



* The official event channel may change. It was 6 when I wrote this guide. I updated it to 7, but I may have a missed a few..

* Certain players like to change names a lot. Ignore Iori if that name doesn't exist anymore xD

* Topics may be deleted after a long time. When this guide gets old, there may be broken links. Not my fault ^^

Edited by Roja

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Guidelines to Understand in Invasions

written by Sheesh



Invasions in EL are here to stay. Some love them and some hate them. Regardless, invasions will be here.

In order to be successful and have minimal losses, here is a guide for those of you new to the game or have never seen an invasion.

  • What to do
  • READ the blue messages at the top of the screen. Invasions are not secret. Everyone gets the same message. These messages will tell you that there is an invasion and will describe a general location as to where it takes place.
  • Decide for yourself if you want to participate. If you do, great. If you dont, either go inside a building, or go to beam to stay out of the line of fire. If the invasion is on one map listed, do not go to that map if you do not plan on participating.
  • If you see someone with a green name, do not stand by to chat. Leave them at once, as where they are standing is where the next batch of creatures will probably land. It is nothing personal or intentional. All is being done per a pre-planned script.
  • If you see creatures with red names, these are invasion monsters. They may not act like other creatures with a yellow name. All invasion creatures, whether animal or monster attack you. They do not pay attention to monster magnetisim. They will live as long as the invasion lasts, provided they are not killed by players. Invasion creatures will wander the map, as there is no way to contain them other than the map itself. However, creatures will not enter any building or exit the maps.
  • Use channel 6 when you see an invasion for regular reports. For role playing, use channel 5. The Event team are on both channels. Also, use the #il command to see how many invasion monsters there are!

  • What to bring
  • Bring only what you can AFFORD to lose. Do not wear your best stuff, as you will probably die. There is too much chaos to guarentee that bags will be returned.
  • Do not wear a monster magnetism cloak, as it will do you no good.

  • What NOT to do
  • Do not ignore the blue messages, they are the key to your safety.
  • Do not PM the gods and curse at them.
  • Do not join in the fight and then get upset because you lost all your worldly possessions.
  • Do not stand around and make small talk with the green named characters.

These are just some of the guidelines, if I think of more, I will add.

Edited by Acelon

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