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The War of the Unicorn

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This story explains the tale of the war of the unicorn, the battles between the forces of Serdia and Irrilion. In this war the god Mortos takes control of the continent of Irrilion and battles Serdia. Also the god Selain takes control of Kileran, Talraji, and Tirymn and infests these places with his evil minions and the chimeran desert wolves. The gods Glygoc, Aulwen, and Elandria put aside there differences and together joined forces against this evil. It explains the unity of all the races of Serdia in fighting Mortos' evil. Most importantly it explains the rise of a humble hero who leads the fight against the corrupt gods.


Chapter I

The Trickery of Mortos


The captain sat in his cabin enjoying the refeshing smell of the ocean air. Yet for some reason his mind is not at ease, there was a suspicious fellow on his ship that was dressed in torn black robes. He did not show his face and spoke in a chilling sound. He struck fear in the captains heart and he would normaly had not let this stranger get on his voyage to Irrilion. But there was nothing he could do, the stranger talked in a very persuasive and manipulative voice and also he offered a enormous bag of gems, jewelery, coins, enriched essences, metal bars, and tons of weapons and armors along with a good amount of potions. It was an offer he could not refuse. Now however, the captain deeply regreted his desion. They sailed close to there destination, on the island of Irrilion and they docked. The old strange man walked off the ship to the releif of the captain but as he walked along, the captain noticed that the skunks and racoons that he normaly had to beat of his ship with a broom were running of. They seemed afraid of the presence of the old man, "they are smart" he said "the are not the only ones who is afraid of that curious character." The man walked to the closest in and rested for a night. The inn keeper was deeply in fear of him as well but could not refuse the riches that were presented to him for the old man gave him the same things that he gave the captain. For the whole night there was a dark presence in the air. The next morning the sun had risen but still the old man brought darkness where he walked. He set off towards the desert of death. All in the town thought that we was going to perish in the desert. The man walked through the desert, there he was carefully followed by a pack of desert chimeran wolves, they kept there distance, they were afraid of him. He climbed the desert mountains and entered the lair of the king of the chimeran desert wolves. "I would like to speak to you." he said in a hourse voice the chimeran desert wolf understanded immediatly for the old man spok in the tounge of beasts. "I would like to make a deal with you. Long have you lived in fear of the people of Irrilion, they slaughter your packs and drive you to the deepness of the desert." "We do not mind that. We are chimeran desert wolves! We know no fear." The old man replied "I know you have fear I can sense it in you." "Who are you old man?" the king of wolves replied. "I am the god Mortos if you need to know." The king retreated in fear "what do you want." "I have already told you an alliance. I want you to fight the people of serdia and win the rule of the continent for me." "What is in it for me?" "Revenge on the people of Irrilion for driving you to the deserts. The Chimeran Desert Wolves will rule Irrilion under the power of Selain, my most trusted general." "I would like that but the people of Irrilion are strong, they cannot be defeated." "Yes they can! But we will not defeat them yet, we will send them on war with serdia to weaken them, and then the Chimeran Mountain Wolves will rule!" "Very well we will join you lets put your plans to action!" So mortos rallied the people of Irrilion. He came to the big city with the Chimeran Mountain King and spoke " people, do not be afraid for this wolf is your friend. The Chimeran Desert Wolves have joined you in an alliance to defeat the threat of Serdia." "Serdia? Is that the fabled continent? They wont hurt us" said a woman in the crowd. "Wrong!" Mortos replied " they know of you and they are plannig to send an enourmous fleet of ships to attack this land, but do not fear for I have the desert chimerans on our side and we can create an army to destroy Serdia with the help of my trusted general Selain." "Who are you?" said the innkeeper. "I am Mortos!" with a voice that thundered. Do you have an alliance? Do you want to defend this land?" "YEEESSS!!!!!!" Roared the crowd. And so they first stage of Mortos plan was set in motion.


Chapter II

The Chosen Hero


Alacher sat in his alchemy shop humbly making bars to sell to his customers. He was a humble alchemist, his mother was a very skilled alchemist and his father was a very successful businessman you ran the shop and knew all about prices, supply, demand and all that business mumbo jumbo. But Alacher was not good at business, he was very skilled at alchemy, but he was very humble and never got too greedy. Now that is parents have passed away, he took over the shop. He finished making his bars and came to sleep. In his dreams he drifted and flew at a fast speed to an unkwown land. There were wolves, very big wolves on many ships and people, smiths making masses of armor and weapons and shipmakers building battle ships. There were preparing for war. He saw a robed man on a dark throne leading this deadly army. He woke up and gathered his bars in a cart to go to the city to sell them. He was surprised to find that when he opened his door, he was no longer in his home in wsc but in a temple. "Where am I?" "You are in my temple, the Temple of Aulwen. You have been chosen by Glygoc, Elandria, and I to battle Mortos." "What do you mean? he replied?" "You have seen the people of Irrilion in your dreams last night, they are preparing for war and is led by Mortos' trickery. You are chosen to unite the races of Serdia and defeat Mortos and Selain. You are chosen to lead Serdias armies to war and you must act fast for Selain has already taken control of Trynm, Kileran, and Talraji." "But I know nothing of battle." "Then Glygoc will teach you. Go through this portal." He stepped through the portal and came to a field on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.


Chapter III

Glygoc's Training


He looked apon the cliff and wandered for a few minutes. Then appeared a huge flash and a figure of a great divine warrior appeared. "Who are you?" Our hero asked. "I am the fierce and brave Glygoc and I have come to teach you about the arts of combat." With a snap of his fingers he made a large group of rabbits appear and they roamed the country side. "Kill them Kill them all!" said Glygoc. So our hero walked up to a rabbit and kicked it hard. The rabbit recoiled and retreated and came up to our hero and bit him in the ankle. Our hero fell to the ground in pain and applied pressure to his wound. Then the rabbit bit him in the ear then the nose. He fell more and blead. The rabbit kept biting and biting. Soon the world began to spin before his eyes and all turned dark. He then awoke at the feet of Glygoc. "Do not be scared of your enemies do not recoil in pain confront your fear and your pain and smite your opponents fearlessly" So our hero started and he kicked harder and stomped and punched at the rabbits untill the field was stained with the blood of his enemies. Then the corpses of his enemies began to revive and change form. They grew antlers and stood tall. He fearlessly came up to the deer and hit it. The deer impaled our hero with its antlers. He was close to the brink of death but was revived again. "Do not be a fool. You have to be swift and agile. Dodge the horns of your opponent and attack it use guile to outsmart your opponents." So he ran up to the deers and striked them and dodged their mighty attacks and killed every single one of them. They turned smaller but swifter and grew grey furs. He attacked a wolf and dodged its attacks and striked again. But all of the pack attacked at once and once again death drew near. "Make the pack afraid and show them your might" And he killed everyoe of the wolves. He killed goblins, gargoyles, orcs, ogres, trolls, cyclops and he came to the fluffy rabbits. There were a mass number of them and he attempted to defeat them but they drove him to the edge of the cliff and he plummeted into the water. He felt water spilling into his lungs and was an inch from death when he was revived. "Remember that sometimes you have to be creative and devise strategies to outsmart your opponents and get the better of them" So our hero allowed the fluffies to drive him to the edge of the cliff again but he jumped over the hoards of fluffies and grabbed a sword that he noticed had appeared on his belt. He held the sword and drove it into the ground. The cliff broke off and all the fluffies plummeted in the sea. Then he slew the 5 fluffies that did not fall to their doom. They transformed into a pack of Chimeran Wolves and our hero was instantly slain. "Kill the head and the body will die" He knew what Glygoc meant and he dodged the attacks of the chimmies and came to thier leader and killed him. The remaining chimeras bowed and he knew he was the new leader of the pack. The dead leader changed into a Desert Chimeran Wolf and attacked his pack. The pack attacked the wolf but all were slain but caused great wounds to the desert chimeran wolf. The wolf leaped on our hero and prepared to claw at his next. He dodged the claws, grabbed his sword and with one slash severed the head off his opponent. "You have proven yourself a worthy warrior so I shall give you this armor made by me and this serpent sword of fine quality and send you on your way for Elandria has a task for you." Our hero found himself in the temple of Elandria, the goddess stood before him.



Elandria's Task


"I have a very important task for you." Spoke Elandria "I want you to forge an alliance between us and the monster-beasts of Serdia. It is important that we get the fluffies and chimmies on our side. The gaurdian of beasts will be assisting you on this quest to ease your difficulties. You may ride on the fabled unicorn to greatly shorten your travels. Along with great speed the unicorn can talk to beasts and command most of them except for the monster-beasts. You will need to talk to the King Chimeran Mountain Wolf and the King Fluffy Rabbit and win their alliance. It may be a difficult task because the Fluffies and the Chimeras have many differences that make them sworn enemies but you must make them put those differences aside and have them fight against Mortos. You will find the Kings on the peninsula of Grubani, driven out of Tirymn by Selains army. Speak to them and forge and alliance" So our hero mounted the unicorn and rode to Grubani to the caves where the fluffies and chimeras where fighting against each other for shelter. When our hero and the gaurdian of beasts went inside the cave they were surrounded by fierce monsters. "Do not fear we do not mean good harm take us to your leaders and we will bring you peace" said the gaurdian. They were lead to a room where to sides were fighting against each other. "Cease this madness!" cried the gaurdian "Surely there can be peace between you" "We cannot make peace with these puny cowardly wimps!" spoke the Chimeran King " We cannot make peace with these stupid clumsy brutes!" Spoke the Fluffie king. "You will have to set aside your differences to fight a common enemie for the desert Chimerans will drive you out of Serdia you must forge an alliance and throw all differences away for the enemy of your enemy is your friend" Spoke the gaurdian of beasts. "Fine we will forge an alliance but we have some conditions" spoke the two Kings at once. "We want the fluffies to stop stampeding so offten for the noise drives away our prey" spoke the Chimeran King. "We want the Chimerans to stop roaring so loudly for it hurts our keen ears" spoke the Fluffy King. So the both sides aggreed and they forged and alliance. Our hero and the gaurdian returned to the temple and talked to the goddess Elandria. "It was the gaurdian that did all the work" said our hero. "You are too humble" spoke the gaurdian. "Your first task is complete report back to Glygoc for his task." spoke Elandria and she teleported them to the temple of Glygoc.



Task of Glygoc

"I have a task for you hero, I have recieved information that the gnomes are creating weapons for the enemy, weapons that have the power of flight. The gnomes call these bows and arrows and javalins. I want you to talk them out of making these weapons for the enemy and start making them for us. If they do not agree with you destroy their facility and steal thier weapons. The dwarves can help you in this task but they will require something in return. Take this golden bar, it was created by Elandria herself and is the shiniest and contains immense value." Glygoc handed him the bar which took in any ray of light no matter how small and glimmered in a beautiful shine the bar even glimmered in darkness. Glygoc then sent out hero off to Nordcarn to recieve further information about the location of the gnomish facility. The gnomes told him that the gnomes where in a cave to the south of nordcarn so our hero entered the cave and was attacked by a band of bandits, he slew them all and proceeded further into the cave where he was attacked by more skilled warriors but none were a match for him. He then found his way into the secret gnome facility and tried to convince the gnomes to make these new weapons for the side of good but of course they refused for the enemy promised them absolute control over the mining economy of Serdia if they won this war so our hero had no choice but to destroy thier facility. He went out of the cave and talked to a dwarf who was fiddling around with fireworks. He explained his situation and offered him the golden bar. The instant the dwarf laid his eyes on it he became entranced in its glimmer. He sent a small band of fierce battle dwarfs to accompany our hero. He reached the gnome facility and attacked the gnomes drew out thier axes and started to slaughter the gnomes. Finnally all the gnomes were dead and our hero took all the javalins, bows, and arrows with him back to the dwarf who was still staring at his new glimmering possesion. He looked at the new gnome weapons and said that he could easily mass produce these for the side of good. The dwarf cut his bar in half by the order of the leader of nordcarn (but was reluctant to do so) and forged half of it into a golden bow, a golden quiver with many arrows with gold arrowheads and a single arrow made completly out of gold shaft and tail too. The bar was made by a god so it was a the equivilent of 50 golden bars packed into one so the dwarfs had no difficulty making this gift. The dwarves aggreed to fight and lend thier armies to the aid of the gods and sent our hero on his way. Our hero rode the gaurdian to the temple of Zarin in Tarsengaurd.



Task of Zarin

"I have a task for you one of the mages in magic school has dissapeared while searching for something in the sewers. He was not attacked by a fighter for he was under an invisibility spell. Find him and he will give you some blueprints for some machines of war. Also I have heard that there was a necromancy fortress that was build before the school of the mages were ever built. They Legends say that it was the necromancers that created the Chimeras from a beast that is the ancestor of the Chimeras. I believe that the disappearance of the mage and the beast are connected and I want you hero, and the gaurdian to kill the beast as well." So our hero met with the head of the magic school and the mages led him to the entrance of the sewers blindfolded. "Why isnt the gaurdian blind folded?" he asked. "The beast of light knows all the secrets of this realm" replied one of the mages. So our hero arrived at the entrance and went in. He earned himself a reputation in this land so the fighters in the sewers fled from him. He went deeper into the sewers and the smell deepened. He came to a door with strange letters of olde. "It says" spoke the gaurdian "He who come here faces the treshold of the domain of the horned wolven beast." Our hero knocked open the door and was attacked by a large creature with wings and multiple heads. "Aaaarrr Diiiieeee Foul beast!" said a voice and a mage jumped on the beast and cast a paralyzing spell on it. "Kill it warrior, slay it!" spoke the wizard. So our hero drew his sword and severed off the head of the beast. He led the wizard out of the sewers and the wizard gave him blueprints of some weapons of war. He delivered these to the dwarves for them to build and visited the Temple of Aulwen for his final task.


(Ill write more later)

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Its a nice story :mace:


I have a few comments: Work on your spelling, alot of the god and map names are misspelled.


Also, this clashes with the official storylines. The gods are currently staying out of mortal affairs and there is peace with Irilion and Seridia.

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Its a nice story :)


I have a few comments: Work on your spelling, alot of the god and map names are misspelled.


Also, this clashes with the official storylines. The gods are currently staying out of mortal affairs and there is peace with Irilion and Seridia.



Im mainly writing this story for entertainment though and i have not even finished it once im done ill write a story that follows the storyline. I just thought of this idea and thought it would be fun to write.

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You can at least spell the names right... :glare:



This post is being deleted. ONLY possitive feedback and/or constructive critism is allowed on these boards. If you can't say anything to help along the process or to voice a VALID oppinion then don't post at all.

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