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  1. Password

    Entropy told me to contact rogue about it.
  2. New Forums?

    How do i get to the options that tells me about the new posts in the topics i created? I want to look at all the feedback im getting.
  3. Password

    I pmed entropy in the forums to get help geting back my password because i changed it but dont remember it. I followed entropy's instructions but its been a week and no one has helped me can someone help me about this?
  4. Tropies/Bounties

    Since this idea turned out to be a bad one, i would like to place the blame on the people of Blizzard because i ripped the idea off from DiabloII
  5. Eternal Toon

    Me too i want in i almost choked on my snack when i saw it. By the way why didnt ent just use his mute commands to silence all the newbs and pwn you?
  6. Tropies/Bounties

    Why? many people have enemies and have lots of money. Pkers need money for equipment. Why not have someone put a bounty on an enemy and buy ears for proof that they killed him? Makes sense to me.
  7. Bros Alchemy and manufacturing biz!

    People dont need your services when they can make it themselves people need essences but they are easy to make there are two solutions: Make the limits higher Start making bars because people need alot of bars and making them is kind of boring and long. (most people would rather by them)
  8. Bros Alchemy and manufacturing biz!

    First of all edit your posts dont double post and I dont see anything wrong except that you are not selling many things in demand. If you could make bars then you will have some more customers.
  9. Helpz0rz

    Aerowind Online?
  10. Selling EFEs cheap

    Stop hurting the economy!!!!!!! Alchemists work hard to make EFEs and you fighters and mass producers kill your chimmies and make millions of fes to make tons of EFEs to destroy the alchemist's hard work!!!!!
  11. Tropies/Bounties

    How about when you pk someone you get a part of thier body like a finger or an ear as proof that you pked them. Trophies can be traded but when you use the eye icon, it says the name of the person you actually killed the guy instead of the person i possesion of the trophie. This would be useful for two things: Showing off showing off the ear of someone strong to your friends and for bounty. Lets say someone bagjumped someone and refuses to get the stuff back. Then the person would go on the general chat or market channel and say that he is buying the ear or finger of the person who bagjumped him. Missing fingers and ears will not show on your char(it grows back). Feedback please.
  12. Lord of the essense

    Shouldnt it be 3 elves and 7 dwarves instead of the other way around?
  13. Bread

    toast for me unless im in a hurry and just put together a really bad sandwich and pop it into the microwave.
  14. The Rig

    Its the scale of time that doesn't make sense. "after 4 weeks we finnaly arrived at the frozen island" and yet on Day 9 "We managed to escape and sailed for the mainland" and arrived on....... Day 10 ("We came back to the mainland and have found the 990tousand titanium bars were stored") It doesn't add up and I still think that the sheer scale of things needs to be looked at (if you want advice, that is) Its your story, it will not go into the EL storyline, but still I assume you want it to appear credible, don't you? 215141[/snapback] Fixed the problem but i cant make any major improvements to it untill im finished with my ingame project. Its going to take about 15 weeks or so untill i can edit my stories.
  15. Question about guilds

    They will if you have at least 1 skill other than overall and harvesting over 20 some guild have bigger requirements it depends on the guild