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  1. Idea for a cape/perk

    was posted on EL facebook 5 hours ago, lets hope it
  2. auction book of special swords

    oh that wont take to much time, hardly seen em get sold for more than 35k
  3. auction book of special swords

    when does it end ? and 24k
  4. Selling 10k SR

    sold ingame
  5. Android widget: EL Time

    Works nice here on a htc desire hd
  6. Selling 10k SR

    Selling 10k SR leave offer or pm me ingame TSC
  7. Economy Idea

    i pay enough taxes in real ife, try to lower the prices of the raw ingredients ,ore`s and minarals to a small point above market. its gets gc`s out off the game, all day miners lose intrest or start other skills instead of mining all day for gc`s and maybe selling the gc`s for $$
  8. Selling Joule stone

    i bid 125k
  9. Sto Sale :>

    lemme get iron set first for 22k, im @ mm store nickname ingame is TSC Edit 32k and thnx for the deal
  10. Sto Sale :>

    how much for this together ? 1 Used Titanium Greave 1 Used Titanium Plate Mail 1 Used Titanium Cuisses 1 Used Titanium Shield 1 Used Steel Greave 1 Used Steel Plate Mail 1 Used Steel Cuisses 1 Damaged Iron Greave 1 Damaged Iron Plate Mail 1 Damaged Iron Cuisses
  11. Economy Idea

    banning peeps for selling gc is not the solution. Even learner would agree. the best to solve all the gc ingame is thinking of a way to get it back to npc`s. Maybe reducing the prices off flowers and other raw ingr. to lower prices so that players can choose to spend it at harvesters or giving it back to the system and spend it at an npc. This may be not the best solution @least im trying to think off a way but the problem will always be there.
  12. SouthernComforts Top Shelf Service's

    TSC msg me when u got a batch ready