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  1. New Haidir Dailys

    Well allways can use pass to skip even i hate yetis daily, nothing should be easy And +1 for seeing some more tasks.
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, i want to order 50k Red Currants. Thanks. Fantastika
  3. Boar updates

    its boars BOSS...or mutant one
  4. new server

    Yea thanks Jofu that helped a lot for me also
  5. Newbie Helper

    Okay thanks for clarification Newhope
  6. Newbie Helper

    Thats rlly nice idea, i will join this project too. I can help with tutorials, answering in newbies questions. About donate some stuff - i think we should better teach how to earn all this stuff
  7. Server crash?

    still no connection
  8. [Very minimal] Eternal Lands client for Android

    Hello, i tested on galaxy s2, and i got same view like cabman with black background. Anyhow i wish you the best with this work, looks promising
  9. Server Crash

  10. What is the last good movie that you saw ?

    Whatever works, by Woodie Allen
  11. KF Clash #4

    I would like to join those who will watch
  12. newhope's mine tutorial

    Thank you for sharing this nice work

    geez ppl should more worried about in that guild they want to join and if there trustworthy ppl in it..
  14. Auction 10'000 HE's