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  1. Ranging fix

  2. Storage sale!

    I'll take all of this, thank you.
  3. Been away a long, long time (10+ years)

    If your password was saved to where it allowed you to log in then the password should be accessible in your browser settings.
  4. New creatures

    "The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs I believe this will open up to more combinations for invances, instances, invasions, drops, methods for killing and variety that the game can sometimes need.
  5. All hydro route to be PK?

    sounds good, would open it up to other competition & teamwork
  6. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    I also support this and would vote yes for it.
  7. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    Then vote maybe and post you want oa cap raised, that's the reason for the 3rd option. To the people voting no because they want uncapped outright we initially asked for removal of the caps but at this current time a raise to 52 is all radu was willing to offer.
  8. Split KF in Half

    It wouldn't hurt so much so i'm inclined to agree however I think only the cotu perk should be removed from mage pants. besides, people fighting casty with cotu cloaks would be a good way to poof some gc.. and who doesn't love that nice red colour
  9. People who don't have capped attributes are the ones who actually have to think through their builds. People who have bought enough pp to max their attributes now will probably be able to max attributes whenever caps are raised. What's more important is making it possible for people to be creative and experiment to find what works best for them..not to have everyone be the same (like they are now). -RM RM has pretty much summed up most of what I wanted to convey in my post. I believe this change would be just a baby step to what could be so much more. I believe the game has progressed to a point where caps aren't even needed anymore, there's been soo much progression with implemented mobs (which require strategy to kill, not just tank and spank) and skills and items that influence other types of gameplay which would be benefited ever so slightly even by a +4 increase.
  10. N.S.

    That show is one of the greatest things ever.
  11. Auctioning Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice

    before you bid, whiterhino took advantage of a player who has head injuries to acquire this ice serp and other items.
  12. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    That's right, let's make conclusions before stivy has a chance to defend his actions.
  13. Well to be honest, it's probably a lot easier just investing the gold into a crown or red drag helm of life and mana. You can safely take another 4-8 physique and still get pretty decent exp on ogres. As for vitality, you can take it to ~12-16 and notice a big difference but unless you remove will I don't see you getting it anytime soon.
  14. You're already at the optimum might xattr for ogres but your goal isn't optimum exp/hour, it's to survive constant lag spikes. Before I can recommend what attributes you should progress with I need some more information. I need to know what armor you use to train in, whether you use a CoL or RDHoLaM or neither and your a/d progression goal. Just a quick note about about Raz's recommendation of the evanescence perk, at your defense/reaction you already block ogres 90%, evanescence won't be as beneficial as some more toughness to soak up damage, however once you reach armed orcs (your next progression mob after ogres)/any other mob that crits often, evanescence is well worth the investment.