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  1. Completed Quest List

    Would be great ! +1
  2. eltime-appindicator

    As tropa said... time/day outdated. But now it's working again Thank you Baba
  3. eltime-appindicator

    Oh I forgott to say that I have the 64 bit version. If there is an app for Android or Windows that would also be great
  4. eltime-appindicator

    Hi there, I just found out that the eltime-appindicator (Version 0.9.1) for Linux (installed from package Manager) doesn't work on Mint Mate 19.3. Is there another applet I can use ? Or another utility ? Since the el-bot service & Mercator Information Service webpage didn't display the right information I cannot see if there is a special day in EL without connecting on it. Thanks
  5. User data from Windows to Linux

    Works fine now thank you
  6. User data from Windows to Linux

    Both are the same Version 1.9.8 64 bit Today I launch EL as usual on Linux and... tada...: Note: storage categories need to be learnt by selecting each category. I tried to copy item_lists.txt and item_categories.txt to the data folder AND /.elc/main again, but didn't work
  7. User data from Windows to Linux

    The receipe now work, I forgott to copy item_lists... But for the spell quickbar it just doesn't appear left from inventory slots on the right of the EL Window.
  8. sound_warnings.txt

    Fixed thank you Grum for the solution !
  9. User data from Windows to Linux

    Hi How can I copy the receipe/spell files from my personnal Windows folder to the .elc/main folder on Linux ? I tried to do it with copy paste, but it doesnt work. Thanks Baba
  10. sound_warnings.txt

    Hello I have EL 1.9.8 (from ppa) on my Linux Mint Mate 19.3. All is ok, sound + maps installed. The sound is working great. But when I try to type "This is a test message" nothing happen. I tried to change the sound_warnings.txt file from default to alert4 = You stopped. Didn't work. I asked ig but it seems the file are at the right place (el folder). Any hint ? Thanks
  11. Forum validation requests

    Oops already activated sorry