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Found 2 results

  1. User data from Windows to Linux

    Hi How can I copy the receipe/spell files from my personnal Windows folder to the .elc/main folder on Linux ? I tried to do it with copy paste, but it doesnt work. Thanks Baba
  2. Hi, In MMORPGs I pretty much like Mage builds and the skill Magic. Therefore its somehow sad to see that Magic only supports spells up to Level 50 (out of 179?) and personally I don't see the point to level beyond failsafe restore anyways apart from getting extra OA exp. Therefore I want to suggest to broaden the repertoire of magic with additional high level spells, to give leveling magic skill again new aims. Knowing that certain weapons have elemental additional damage and already having spells to protect against those elementals I'd like to suggest the counterparts of those protection spells. At the same time i personally don't see any real use for Enriched Energy Essences so far and according to that http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59494 I'm not the only person here. Now my suggestions: * Conflagration: uses 1 Enriched Energy Essence, 2 Magic Essences and 5 Fire Essences * Blizzard: uses 1 Enriched Energy Essence, 2 Magic Essences and 5 Water Essences * Lightning Bolt: uses 1 Enriched Energy Essence, 2 Magic Essences and 5 Energy Essences All of those attack spells do some ground damage depending on magic level + some extra elemental damage (heat/cold/radiation according to the order of names). As those are just numbers I'd like to get some damage formula proposed by experienced players in order to not imbalance magic skill and provide a nice addition for Mages instead! It also can be discussed if a new sigil should be introduced for those advanced spells or not. Generally I would like to hear everyones opinion about my suggestion and hope that we get something useful out of this Kind regards