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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. (P) Is always recruiting!

    The Circle of the Pantheon is for all players of any kind. We accept anyone for any reason that they want to join. We are a friendly guild that will help each other. Ranks: Godly Circle of the Pantheon-- This is the Highest Class in the guild that anyone can achieve, they automatically gain rank 19, and commands most of the guild. Plus get a random Item for free that is 30k+ REQUIRES: 4 Skills of Level 40+ 50k gold coins per month and approval of The Heads of Upper and Lower Circle. Upper Circle of the Pantheon-- This is the Class that makes all the rules, accepts all players and gets lower prices from the guild bot, in command line they are the lowest in line but gain the most trust. REQUIRES: Any Skill level No cost to join Must be Approved by the Head of the Upper Circle first. Lower Circle of the Pantheon-- This is the Class that gets items free here and there, the organize the guild events, and are the biggest group there is because of most start in this group. REQUIRES: None, as it's the starting rank Guild Bot: None Yet Guild Map Location: None Yet
  3. Looking For A Guild

    (P) Recruiting, any members are welcome to join, of any skill.
  4. Creature/Monster magic resistence and magic formulas

    Nice, I would keep this in mind, good to know the dmg.
  5. Hourly Message

    maybe check the coding to see if you can do it, the code is usally the trick
  6. New Forum colors

    Why not make it look like the Eternal Lands website <eternal-lands.com>? I like those colors, it matches with the Eternal Lands theme, and instead of the white screen background it would be like the Tanish Brown of el. Sometime I think that I am on a different forums page when I see this white page so I agree, make it different. Or possibly have it coded so people can change the colors of how they would like it. My thoughts
  7. Korrode's Combat Guides

    That is true. Some that do not want to do the break quest may want to get the NMT perk and have other capes for other reasons, while people that want to break the armor and/or weapons would get Mirror/body piercing/etc. while having NMT Cape.
  8. Rationality Bug?

    Main Attributes Physique: 24/24 Coordination: 24/24 Reasoning: 4/4 Will: 20/20 Instinct: 4/4 Vitality: 4/4 Cross Attributes Might: 24/24 Matter: 22/22 Toughness: 14/14 Charm: 4/4 Reaction: 14/14 Rationality: 12/12 Dexterity: 14/14 Ethereality: 12/12 Perception: 4/4 Skills Overall: 43/43 Attack: 35/35 Defense: 34/34 Magic: 22/22 Harvest: 28/28 Manufacture: 30/30 Alchemy: 8/8 Potion: 15/15 Summoning: 14/14 Crafting: 6/6 Engineering: 0/0 Tailoring: 0/0 Ranging: 17/17 um, thanks Revi. I didn't know that A/D affects xp.
  9. Rationality Bug?

    Humm, I didn't know the second part pf what you said: But containing the A/D Yes I went up by 3 A/D Levels, but I don't see how that could change the xp
  10. Rationality Bug?

    Hello, I just got my character to 20 Will when it was 18 will before. I noticed that before (at 18 will) I got +10 attack and defense xp, when I got it up to 20 I saw that I was getting +9 attack and defense xp. So I was thinking why did it go down? If rationality was higher then it should give more xp? Beavers Normal A/D xp given: +5 attack +5 defense At Rationality 11 Beavers A/D xp given: +10 attack +10 defense At Rationality 12 Beavers A/D xp given: +9 attack +9 defense *** THIS WAS NOT TESTED ON ANY SPECIAL DAY BUT MAGIC DAY AND NORMAL DAY SO A/D HAD NO BOOST*** Also I have godless perk so there is no gods effects applied (godless since I made character)
  11. EL forum Name Change

    How can you change the Displayed name for the forums account <http://eternal-lands.com/forum >
  12. Years of pain

    This year just hasn't been going good, with loosing my mom to death (Ellora in game) and my third family I just don't have good luck, I don't know when I will be back to play, but for now good bye and good luck. Stewie
  13. ~

    Never knew finesse is like this
  14. A new friend

    Hello most know me as Stewie, ofc. I am wanting to say that there are a few players that are on game that said that Elven_Lord is same IP as me. Just to let you know that this is a friend that I invited to join this wonderful game. Just to answer your questions No Elven_Lord is not me, yes I have been on that char here and there to help out but in the last day or so I haven't been on that character (Reason why I was on that char was to help give items and help train abit and get the tutorial done, yes he could have done it himself but I was being nice). But Elven_Lord has asked me to ask this to you guys since he said he's busy cleaning up and moving today. (mostly moving boxes into house) 1) Can he make his own account? Since he's doesn't have one and he's a rl person (that's not me or anyone in our family trying to make a new account) 2) Can people stop calling him "Stewie" in chats and PM's (KingKhaili was doing it the most, as far as Elven_Lord Told me) 3) And he would like to say thanks for the game being free, and he will wait at least 6months before spending any money on game, incase he doesn't like it (For any money spending, as far as I know he always waits a year but since I play it he waits half a year). Stewie
  15. Next Encyc update?

    I was wondering when you will add all the changes that you did into the EL game Encyc? like the tokens, maybe drops that happen, the new cloaks and items that we've added. I don't know if anyone is adding more or not, but it's looks like it's not been changed for a year,