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Server update (and HDD replacement)

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As you might know, we had quite a bit of downtime yesterday/today. It was because one of the two HDDs in the server mirroring RAID failed. It failed almost exactly after 8 years, so it lived its life. OVH was quick to replace it, although they didn't do it in the time window I told them to do it, so the server was running when they shut it down, which caused some issues. The other HDD might fail any time, but at least now we know what to do and it should 'only' take ~5 hours instead of 14. I want again to thank Learner for his hard work with helping fix the issue.

Also, because the server was shut down not gracefully, a few characters were lost. That's not a big problem, we have backups. If your char is missing, contact me in game.


Since the server had to be restarted anyway, there are a few new things too:

1. Some map fixes.

2. Some of the items have new icons (mainly the broken versions).

3. There are 2 new dragon spawns.

4. Some minor bug fixes.

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