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bad days

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[15:13:40] [SirCamolot @ 6]: Will do a suntzu next day if not serped
[15:37:19] Day ends:
Day of the dead
English: This day, there is a random chance that when an entity dies (human or computer controlled) it will respawn full health where it died, without droping any items or using rostogol stones.
Role Playing: Mortos has some extra power today, so he will randomly save any living (or undead) being from it's ultimate fate.
[15:37:19] Today is a special day:
Scotty's vacation
English: No #beam me up.
Role Playing: Umm.. Scotty has to take his cat to the vet today, so he can't beam you up.
[15:37:33] [Alpina @ 6]: removeable?
[15:37:36] [dragon_killer @ 6]: don't think
[15:37:45] [Hymora @ 6]: ye its bad day imo
[15:37:55] [jnd @ 6]: who didn't kill Scotty, anyway?
[15:38:08] [dragon_killer @ 6]:  There is no bad day to remove.. 

First and last line: someone planned a Sun Tzu day, and server decided otherwise, attempt to remove a "not good" day failed (or someone was trolling, of course)

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