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Banned for...?

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...what exactly?

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As discussed with you prior to your lock (not a ban, so far):

The guild description for the guild FaDH of which ElvishPresley is guildmaster was judged unacceptable by radu,

you were notified of this, and given a reasonable period to correct the description.

Not only did you not remove the offending parts, you added to the offense by including (through a link)

 a private conversation.


So your character "ElvishPresley" got locked when the grace period expired with the offending description intact.


And as that guild description states that playing EL is pointless, I see no reason to unlock ElvishPresley.


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Yes, I removed your last post, which started with:


I'm not here to ask to be unlocked, ...


As long as you don't want to be unlocked, further discussion seems rather pointless.


Count on your posts being removed (or the thread locked) any time you insist on discussing moderation in public

(which is against game and forum rules).

Discussing the reasons for your lock is the only exception (that's the reason for this thread), your other issues with the game

and/or its moderation should be discussed in private.


Insults and similar slurs will get the same result: post removed and/or thread locked.


Edited by revi

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A last try:


Simply said, the game is privately owned by radu.

That means he decides what's acceptable and what's not acceptable.


If he says given content is not acceptable, it is not acceptable.

The first amendment is not in force here...


Your only option is to change the challenged content,

and discuss with him in private why it's not acceptable.


Refusal to do either means the characters involved get locked,

and forum accounts get restricted when used to post the

unacceptable content again.

Edited by revi

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Maybe you can understand this analogy.


Consider EL to be like radu's house.  If you have a party and invite company to your house, and instead of just enjoying what is offered, they decide to call you and your family/friends names and insult you all, and continually announce what awful people you are and how awful your home is, and put graffiti all around your house saying as much, might you decide you don't want them in your house anymore?


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