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No Sound Alert on Death

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22 hours ago, Nogrod said:

Is the bug only related to text warning sounds?

I can't hear death sounds when dying from combat either. I can open a new bug for that if you'd like or post debug info here.

That's the same issue.  Most sounds are positional, based on your x,y coords when the sound is created.  When your character actor is removed and recreated (death, teleport, location change) those sounds can get muted if the sound update code runs while your character does not exist.  Even if an update does not happen in that time, if your location change is out of range, the sound is muted, or at least made more quiet if to your change of coordinate is not far.  The xml file work around makes the alert sounds non-positional.  Unfortunately, battle sounds need to be positional.  At this stage, I do not know how to fix the code.

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