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Hello again EL! from AluminA

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*I realized now that this topic belongs to off topic. 


Hello All! I'm AluminA.

I had been absence for a long time I really don't remember how long and when the last time I logged in, I think it was the time before the "new skills" like archery and engeneering etc were added.

(the last message in my inbox was 9yrs ago! )


I found EL Android App recently and now I am enjoying EL Life again. ,,Yeah I was always thinking I'd come back one day...


It's tough for me to get used to gaming again , but I am getting used to spend the ingame time gradually.


Hopefully, my storage is full of items as it is like before, (I thought my char might be even deleted because of the long long absence) and AluminA is a bit tough girl, I can explore almost all the EL and try to do some skills and so on. 


What's happened to me recently is that Lenny, I got to know him recently, I attacked, killed me even with my a/d and omg he's got my precious bag!! hahaha.



Well, well I'm back to EL and I want to say,,,


Thanks Radu, Roja and Dev team for not only providing us such a nice game but also great experiences and a nice community.

also thanks for making Android client, it's really handy and great to play on mobile. 

Also I learned some of my english by trading, chatting ingame and even stories,quests of NPC's. that was fun.

Hope EL last forever.


Also waves to

Moderators, I see you around the names same as before , great seeing you sticking on this game for being good.


People, who passing by me, it's good to see you around, Although It's hard to type text on my app at this time, I'd always like to say hi and chat sometimes.


See you around.

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I just noticed I'll have 666 forum posts after this one. Noticed a familiar name from ages ago so thought I'd come say hi! I'm in the same boat with you btw, I learned practically most of my written English from EL and EL related things (spamming unofficial EL forums like crazy).

But yeah, now since I got my 666th post, I think I'll stay quiet for a few years more. Just quietly stalking forums once in a while.

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