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  1. Hello again EL! from AluminA

    *I realized now that this topic belongs to off topic. Hello All! I'm AluminA. I had been absence for a long time I really don't remember how long and when the last time I logged in, I think it was the time before the "new skills" like archery and engeneering etc were added. (the last message in my inbox was 9yrs ago! ) I found EL Android App recently and now I am enjoying EL Life again. ,,Yeah I was always thinking I'd come back one day... It's tough for me to get used to gaming again , but I am getting used to spend the ingame time gradually. Hopefully, my storage is full of items as it is like before, (I thought my char might be even deleted because of the long long absence) and AluminA is a bit tough girl, I can explore almost all the EL and try to do some skills and so on. What's happened to me recently is that Lenny, I got to know him recently, I attacked, killed me even with my a/d and omg he's got my precious bag!! hahaha. Well, well I'm back to EL and I want to say,,, Thanks Radu, Roja and Dev team for not only providing us such a nice game but also great experiences and a nice community. also thanks for making Android client, it's really handy and great to play on mobile. Also I learned some of my english by trading, chatting ingame and even stories,quests of NPC's. that was fun. Hope EL last forever. Also waves to Moderators, I see you around the names same as before , great seeing you sticking on this game for being good. People, who passing by me, it's good to see you around, Although It's hard to type text on my app at this time, I'd always like to say hi and chat sometimes. See you around.
  2. Downhill Mountain Biking.

    I do downhill race, also enjoy riding my bike in the trails around my hometown every weekends. I like dirtjump ??(^?^)??
  3. DEL: for everyone's protection!

    Good Job DeL and Nice Tash and welcome back to DeL, Feo I love you all DeL members ^^
  4. Just A Thank You ...

    ok ok, what's wrong with you? your post would have been deleted for unnessesary comment ;p Is it worth you spank Jaida up who wanna say thank admin/devs for their great works even though this kind of post would be merged with any other posts like this? Jaida just wanted to say thank them and has just joined forum members since today. cmon anyway, Jaida, have fun playing EL edit: lol ah it seems something above has been deleted. and almost totally same as Roja said. to Aphistolas: haha yeah i know and so do a lot of people, but mods or admins will do their job, so you just stay it as it is. just my thought
  5. japanese?

    >Rock_lee hiya ^^ yeah i understand you are confused by japanese sentance arrangements. Japanese language is a free-form language that you can put any words on almost anywhere in a sentence unless the sentence becomes non-sence. (don't worry, almost all arrangements will be okay ) and the sentence is the same as it was, i mean the meaning is not changed after all. that's a very difference from english >cock はろー coch. 日本語チャンネルは#1192だよ 毎日ではないけど何人かはそのチャンネルに来てるよ 待ってるよー!
  6. How fast r y00?

    Am I the fastest among us? ;o) from japan with 100Mbps service runnin EL on the background japanese ISP r0x!
  7. Med Of Life

    >nickey nice! -2 armor, -2 acc from the stats of moon med,that means you get more damages and less hit than you wear moon med. but when you hit, it gives you 5% chance to heal 20 HP. although it's a random chance, that's great! so, with this med, hitting more on enemies can get more chances to be healed myself? and how about crafter's point of view? anyone?
  8. Med Of Life

    The stats of MoL looks nice. I'd like to get one for me. I haven't watched the market yet how much gc a MoL goes for. the fomula of MoL says: Since it's made with 1 Seridium Bar and 2 ELE, I estimate the price would be around 10Kgc (11Kgc through 12Kgc?), I'm not sure I just calcurated with only my decent knowledge with the price of the ingres. How much would the price of a MoL be on the market? althought I'd also like to know the breakage rate of MoL, It'd be still nice if it was like as same as moon med's, or at least just a bit weaker than that. just my wish I'm okay as long as it doesn't break like crazy
  9. I moved to a new country!

    first of all, gratz finished moving and enjoying your life there. also hope your problem will be fixed soon and enjoy playing EL. [EDIT]ok
  10. New Staff

    I'd like to have new ones too. a bit off from first suggestion of magpee though, now what if weapon have gender-specific. one for male char only, one for female char only Stick of Sailormoon (For Female Charactor) A magical stick. not strong stats it has but when you use this stick in combat, it gives you a chance to trasform your opponent an animal, a monster (sometimes Pookies or someone but rarely) by random factor. Effect: Metamorphose (*actually i know little of sailormoon, just popped up the name in my mind. please any fans of sailormoon explain how the stick works) Kon of Bruce Lee (For Male Charactor) You weak, take this kon now! Just imagine our Kung-Fu hero Bruce Lee, then you can be almost a bit a little bit strong as like him. maybe Enter teh Dragon! damage: 2-4, accuracy: 35, dunno others k i go to bed, next please. (ahm I really wanna see some other staves in the game... zzz) wiki: staff/stick&Quarterstaff
  11. More for true mage

    I thought Magic Nexus was for being tru mage so that I spent first 5 pp on it on my first char when i started playing EL ...
  12. Cast "Telepot to the Another World" |o/ required essences: 12 TE(Time Essence), 10 EarthEss, 16 EnergyEss, 12 ME, 22 SE (apparantly very very expencive ;D changing time factor is not that easy.) required sigils: Change, Global, Space, Time(?), Earth Take me to the another world! |o/\o|
  13. Use of Weapons

    I've been using weapons while trainning monsters to get decent exp if my att level is a bit or much behind against my opponents. using Bones, Iron swords, Iron broad swords, staffs for att exp etc etc... Just only my thought, Fighting mosters is divided by two purposes. The one is for killing and collecting its parts/drops. the another is for trainning purposes. (except invasions. alternate, some monsters are for just annoying you ;p) If your purpose is to kill, take a better sword and kill them. then you get much more drops in a session. On the other hand, If your purpose is to gain exp, take a certain weapon (or just use your barehands) and face monsters that you train with it. then you get more exp in a session than "killing" them. I'm able to train with my barehands now, I get exp yeah but only 2Kgc from Feros in a session about 3+ hours. and if fighting monsters is for gainning exp, it's about your usage of weapons, your knowledge about the purposes of weapons what you train with. I already accepted the stats of weapons as it is. when I go to train, I choose weapons what i use or without weapons which is better for me to get better exp. so again, i think it's about usage of weapons, not about how much exp which weapon gives you. that's my opinion. (an opinion by much less experienced fighter than masterpiter wexy or any other fighters) [Edit] I'm wrong, I'm not a fighter but an all time trainner.
  14. New playable race unveiled!

    It's not April Fools' day yet, right??? yes hmm it's february 8th 2007 here... I'm serious and I still believe Pengman will come out! ;B I was talking about playable races on #gm recently. I remember I said I'd be a frogman or fishman or ... whatever if non human-style races are available on the game. but then thevoice noticed fishman have disadvantages that they can not walk around the ground to chase monsters. so they won't be able to get advance in fighting skills etc. eh eh I imagine fishman will be thirsty when they go out from thier playground and die soon awww. ok ok. about Pengman That's great and sweeet!!! I love the pictures. nice Roja I don't mind they can't equip armors, they have tuff enuff animal instinct strafe monsters and PKers without armors. How can you imagine if Pengmans bunch sitting around MM storage all mixing pots? How sweet... Pengmans Unite! Let the world become aware of the power of animal instinct, lead people to the land of peace Pengland! (Unofficial announcement from up coming guild PENG) Can I be the first Pengman landed on Draia? ;D