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Guest Alduron

why is my ip banned

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Hi Alduron, hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year!

I'm sure a mod will reply soon and explain it to you. If you are not white-listed, then that could be the reasons as IP's change quite a bit.

All the best, Jedi and K&M crew. :)

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If you have a dynamic ip address, it might have fallen into a range that was banned for some reason. I'm no sure, but I think if you reset your modem, it will give you a new ip address. That may fix your problems. If that doesn't do it, maybe one of the Admins, can see what the problem is.

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To expand a bit on what Aquila said:

There are only so many ISP (internet service providers) in a country, and only so many IP addresses to go around. So every ISP has a pool of IP addresses

And when you connect, you get an IP address out of a pool

It also means that there can be others playing that use the same ISP, so they get addresses out of the same pool as you do. So if one of them messes up to

the point that the moderators feel a need to block the IP of that person, a bit later someone else could draw that particular IP address and face a completely

unmerited IP ban (unmerited for him/her).


So, like Aquila said, first aid would be to reconnect to your ISP (to get another IP address), then contact Aislinn (or radu) to see if whitelisting is possible

(whitelisting would allow you to log in with one character even from a banned IP address, but it's of course not automatic, and I think you can't get alts whitelisted,

except under special conditions)

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