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Big clothes auction!

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Im selling my clothes.

Auction ends at thursday 2200 dutch time (GMT+2).
Auction ends 10 minutes after last bid.


Since there r 2 mirrors and 1 arti cape the starting bid is 50k. BIn 200k


The winner takes all clothes. good for some events or resell :P



1 Excavator Cape
22 Augmented Leather Armor
1 Leather Pants
25 Augmented Leather Pants
1 Conjurer Cloak
10 Blue Robe
10 Brown Buccaneer Hat
9 Black Robe Skirt
1 Fur Boots
10 Black Blue Striped Baggy Pants
10 Green Robe Skirt

10 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants
1 Black Tunic White Shirt
10 Skunk hat
10 Brown Robe Skirt
10 Black Robe
1 Black Tunic Green Shirt
2 Warlock's Cloak
9 Black Red Striped Baggy Pants
11 Brown Baggy Pants
2 Black Tunic Black Shirt
1 White red peasant dress
11 Light Blue Robe Skirt
10 Brown Robe
11 Light Blue Robe
11 Green Robe
9 White Robe Skirt
1 Green Tunic
1 Black Tunic

3 Black white dress
7 Red Robe Skirt
9 Yellow Robe
10 Purple Robe Skirt
8 Warm Fur Gloves
12 Yellow Robe Skirt
9 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat
1 Cape of The Unbreakable
11 Red Robe
2 Mirror Cloak
32 Brown Tricorn Hat
10 Black Cavalier Peacock Hat
18 Blue Cavalier Hat
11 Black Baggy Pants
1 Black Tunic Purple Shirt
10 Gray Robe Skirt
1 Red pink dress
1 Brown Tunic
8 Black Buccaneer Hat
1 White Tunic
14 Black Scarf
9 Black Tricorn Hat
1 Red pink skirt
10 Skull Crossbones Scarf
3 Purple white skirt
10 Purple Robe
10 Gray Robe
10 Black Cavalier Hat
1 Fast Regeneration Cape
14 Red Scarf
11 Blue Robe Skirt
3 Green white dress
3 Green white skirt
3 Black white skirt
41 Blue Tricorn Hat
11 White Red Striped Baggy Pants
1 The artificer cape
1 Powersaving Cloak
9 White Robe
3 Body Piercing Cloak
1 Lavender tunic

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I got a BIN half a day before yours, cabman. I try to reach the bidder, but I dont get answer.

I wait till monday and with no reaction the clothes are yours.


Sorry for the later reaction, I was kinda uccopied last week

Edited by van_binsbergen

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