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Bear with me, I realise the title appears better suited to "off-topic" but in actual fact, having just gotten the go-ahead, I've published the grandmaster storyline on the wattpad website (which covers story section yaaay).


Hoping to interest enough of a fan-base of readers there that potentially will lead the curiously minded over here to check the game out (as well as having another story on wattpad to add to my portfolio there - and no, i dont get paid for it over there OR here lol).


Anyhow, here's the link:-






If I need to alter anything in it just drop a comment on wattpad, or forum pm me here (aimed at entropy/roja) and I'll get on it.


Sorry I've been absent from playing, my laptop simply cant cope with the game and at present am not in a position to sort an upgrade til at least 2015-ish.


Since I'm creating a topic and discussion is usually expected, and if the PTB's here allow and approve, would anyone else want to consider posting up their work for el on wattpad? If its all ok and you DO, perhaps you could add your own links on this thread?


- Pye


edit: Wattpad site auto-categorised the story as PG13 since it has the word "Lay" in the title (I assume) - I lol'd but perhaps this is not a bad thing since it wont be sending 10yr olds this way...we have had our fair share of those already over the years :P

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