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Black Dragon Armour

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I have suggestion to change the light modifier of the Black Dragon Armour.


Currently all the varieties of Dragon mail have the same light mod stat of +19 (combined Helm, Plate, Cuisses and Greaves),

this stat of +19 is the same for Blue, Red, White & Black Armours.


The Red Dragon ingame is commonly associated with Fire & Heat, the Ice Dragon is Frost & Ice, and the new Blue is associated with Archery & Ranging, leaving the Black unaligned.


From a roleplaying perspective the Black Dragon should be King of the Dark & at one with the shadows.


Aesthetically the Armour & the Dragons are Black, logically it should have a different camouflage value, than that of the Ice Dragon Armour( which is Bright white).


Thanks :)

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Is it possible to give the camuflage bonus only at night ?

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afaik, night time environment & caves directly affect visibility already with a cammo cape and ninja vest a char is near invisible in Nara catacombs at night time but in the day, you can see a char wearing this gear from ~4 steps ( even with my poor perception of 12 :P )

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