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Buying items and Semi Sto sale!

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Please read before posting! All posts to buy or make offers for items should look like this


(List items and price per and total price for each item)



Buying (post or PM ingame Chris/Fancy with offer):

1 Black Dragon Set (plate/cuisses/greaves)

1 Mage Robe Set or two mage pants

1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal

Rostogols Stones 50k ea



Trading or selling the following items (+/- gc depending on items wanting to trade for items listed above.)

1 Ice Dragon Greave - 91kgc

2 Red Dragon Cuisses - 73kgc

1 Red Dragon Greave - 68kgc

1 Damaged Ice Dragon Mail - 72kgc

1 Damaged Ice Dragon Cuisses - 53kgc

1 Damaged Red Dragon Greave - Offer

1 Damaged Black Dragon Mail - 72kgc


Selling all stuff at MM or votd sto! All items are offer unless specific price, but I will barter some, but dont bs me. (So if there's no price, make offer!!!)



5 Iron Battle Hammer

1 Recurve Bow

3 Wooden Staff

1 Steel Axe

1 Long Bow

3 Quarterstaff

1 Steel Long Sword



10 Leather Pants

5 Leather Helm

1 Iron Helm

1 Augmented Leather Armor

13 Steel Shields



11 Unicorn Medallion

43 A/D Indicator

42 Black Dragon Scale - 1kea

2 Monster Magnetism removal

22 Ice Dragon Scale



3282 Raw Meat

14 Brown rabbit fur

129 Beaver fur

93 Deer Fur

88 Deer Antlers

29 Skunk fur

10 Green Snake Skin

35 Fox Fur

75 Puma Fur

80 Bear Fur

2 Leonard fur

42 White Tiger fur

21 Brown Snake Skin

206 Red Snake Skin

80 White rabbit fur

28 Racoon fur

182 Wolf Fur

151 Feran Horn

61 Black panther fur

100 Leopard fur

30 Tiger fur

24 Polar Bear Fur

71 Rat tail




17 P2P Shop Coupon

3 Orange



10 Leather Pants

1 Red Robe

10 Racoon hat

1 White Red Striped Baggy Pants

1 Brown Tricorn Hat

11 Skunk hat

4 Warlock's Cloak

2 Red Scarf

1 Red Robe Skirt

2 Skull Crossbones Scarf

1 Black Baggy Pants

1 Black Tricorn Hat

1 Black Scarf



2 Book of Poison Antidote

1 Book of Evasion

1 Book of True Sight


First come first server! Will update after each sale, so refresh your page before you PM me please :)

Edited by ChrisC

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MY offer



13 Enhanced Wooden Shield @ 100 each

2 Titanium Chain Mail @5k each

1 Wooden Shield @ 100 each






7 Wooden Battle Hammer @ 100 each

6 Steel Two Edged Sword @ 1200 each

9 Iron Broad Sword @ 450 each

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Oi Fancy!


Please reserve for me:


1 Red Dragon Cuisses - 73kgc

1 Red Dragon Greave - 68kgc


I will catch you after Xmas, thanks!

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I'd like to buy all your snake skins..

10 green

21 brown

206 red

plz pm me in game with price as not sure of going rate :)


thank you

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5 Iron Battle Hammer 1250

3 Wooden Staff 300

3 Quarterstaff 600

1 Steel Long Sword 500

11 Unicorn Medallion 1100

14 Brown rabbit fur 70

129 Beaver fur 650

93 Deer Fur 500

88 Deer Antlers 400

29 Skunk fur 550

10 Green Snake Skin 80

35 Fox Fur 200

75 Puma Fur 1500

80 Bear Fur 1200

2 Leonard fur 1000

42 White Tiger fur 2200

21 Brown Snake Skin 210

206 Red Snake Skin 2060

80 White rabbit fur 650

28 Racoon fur 550

182 Wolf Fur 1000

151 Feran Horn 2000

61 Black panther fur 1200

100 Leopard fur 1500

30 Tiger fur 600

24 Polar Bear Fur 70

71 Rat tail 140

2 Book of Poison Antidote 5000

1 Book of Evasion 1500

1 Book of True Sight 2000

My offer is 30580gc

Edited by Mythos

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I am unable to catch you in game m8, that is why I bought (since saw opportunity) RD pants (cuisses I think) already.


Please let me know when (time frame and time zone) I can catch you to get boots (greaves)?



Bought them also, sorry but I couldn't catch you in game nor on forum. Since I have opportunity I purchased them from bots.

Cancel my offers.



Edited by Devnul

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