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  1. Linux Compiling Guide

    One build dependency is: nlohmann_json May I ask where I can find up to date el game data files as zip please? I searched a bit but only found a shell script. Thank you
  2. client from git

    I tried to build these two clients as suggested in the guide below. Both fail with the requirements I want to point out expect a few occasions usually any "package" (software) from git usually builds without any issues here. I also want to point out that this linux installation is over 13 years old with ~1 month old toolchain. Because of real life issues I was not able to update the box so far. The installation has moved from several harddisks and hardware platform On a personal note I think the game will benefit when the git client compiles instantly without fuss. Many other git software accomplish this for example naev / heimdall, ... reference: result: ### make -f Makefile.linux CC 2d_objects.o CC 3d_objects.o CC actor_scripts.o CC actors.o CC alphamap.o CC asc.o CC astrology.o CC bbox_tree.o CC books.o CC buddy.o CC buffs.o CC bags.o CC cache.o CC cal.o CC calc.o CC chat.o CC cluster.o CC colors.o CC console.o CC consolewin.o CC counters.o CC cursors.o CC dds.o CC ddsimage.o CC dialogues.o CC draw_scene.o CC eye_candy_debugwin.o CC el_memory.o CC elconfig.o CC elwindows.o CC encyclopedia.o CC errors.o CC events.o CC filter.o CC font.o CC framebuffer.o CC frustum.o CC gamewin.o CC gl_init.o CC hud.o CC hud_misc_window.o CC hud_quickbar_window.o CC hud_statsbar_window.o CC hud_quickspells_window.o CC help.o CC highlight.o CC ignore.o CC image_loading.o CC init.o CC interface.o CC items.o CC io/fileutil.o CC io/e3d_io.o CC io/elc_io.o CC io/map_io.o CC io/elpathwrapper.o CC io/xmlcallbacks.o CC io/half.o CC io/normal.o CC io/elfilewrapper.o CC io/unzip.o CC io/ioapi.o CC io/zip.o CC io/ziputil.o CC keys.o CC knowledge.o CC langselwin.o CC lights.o CC list.o CC load_gl_extensions.o CC loginwin.o CC loading_win.o CC main.o CC manufacture.o CC map.o CC mapwin.o CC md5.o CC mines.o CC minimap.o CC misc.o CC missiles.o CC multiplayer.o CC new_actors.o CC new_character.o CC notepad.o CC openingwin.o CC image.o CC shader/noise.o CC shader/shader.o CC text_aliases.o CC particles.o CC paste.o CC pathfinder.o CC pm_log.o CC queue.o CC reflection.o CC rules.o CC sky.o CC skeletons.o CC skills.o CC serverpopup.o CC servers.o CC session.o CC shadows.o CC sound.o CC spells.o CC stats.o CC storage.o CC special_effects.o CC tabs.o CC text.o CC textures.o CC tile_map.o CC timers.o CC translate.o CC trade.o CC update.o CC url.o CC weather.o CC widgets.o CC makeargv.o CC popup.o CC hash.o CC emotes.o CC xz/7zCrc.o CC xz/7zCrcOpt.o CC xz/Alloc.o CC xz/Bra86.o CC xz/Bra.o CC xz/BraIA64.o CC xz/CpuArch.o CC xz/Delta.o CC xz/LzFind.o CC xz/Lzma2Dec.o CC xz/Lzma2Enc.o CC xz/LzmaDec.o CC xz/LzmaEnc.o CC xz/Sha256.o CC xz/Xz.o CC xz/XzCrc64.o CC xz/XzDec.o CC xz/XzEnc.o CC custom_update.o CC new_update.o CC fsaa/fsaa_dummy.o CC fsaa/fsaa.o CXX achievements.o CXX actor_init.o actor_init.cpp:4:10: fatal error: cal3d/cal3d.h: No such file or directory #include <cal3d/cal3d.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. make: *** [Makefile.linux:124: actor_init.o] Error 1 -- the windows client works with wine layer
  3. I am not in charge.

    Get well soon.
  4. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    There were some variations in the past. Similar things happened. I do not see any conflict or rule violations. When some certain individuals can use the f word without consequences on a popular channel. When some certain individuals can talk rubbish on certain language channels over years without consequences. When some certain individuals can spy with their alts and reveal player locations on certain language channels without consequences. Or use these information's them self to their benefits. EL had over certain period already some acceptance of certain language on different channels. Hint: There is still the way of IG_Block and #ignore I am quite certain these behaviour is highly accepted and wanted. Quote: Especially if you consider your el shop, more new players, means more possible customers (even if only because they buy stuff other bought from you) and in the end more profit for you and more happy players, as this game main strength is the community. It is hard to say these days how many unique players actively participate and play this game. With certain changes in the past this game do not rely anymore on the widely player base. Interactions are not needed anymore. This is in opposite direction I have as a requirement of Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Perks are no restrictions anymore. Pickpoints in Mix nexus are not really a penalty anymore, because everyone can have several "shared" high level Mix characters. When you do not rely on others anymore, there is no hard requirement for politeness or "well behaved" / more correct behaviour. I think the argument about new paying players is a bit vague. Only a small amount of new players will spent money. Usually a tenth for android games. The fluctuations are quite high usually. The behaviour of a few older players regarding language is not to the best interests in my opinion. -- I also doubt that more rules will solve anything. The existing rules are already a time drain on the staff members
  5. I suggest that we change the background from degraded items from white to orange or red. Or big diagonal line, or a cross over the item symbol. Something very clearly visible. So it is clearly visible when something is degraded on the items / trade window. -- I have no idea if this was already suggested.
  6. Beware of faxie

    @1) fact to have written a script to prove Susje automation scripts. Its different, when you were able to comprehend and read the posts earlier. Suggestion: Again invest your time in something else -- @2 / 2+ In general has a bot owner an advantage over the casual player. I would not phrase, give the impression, that only one bot owner has the advantage. --
  7. Beware of faxie

    I can say the kettle is black because I never used an automation, script, program or macro for having some advantage in EL. That is a phrase. You better start doing something else, e.g. invest your time in proper education / learning languages.
  8. Beware of faxie

    Well Susje does not give permissions for handing out personal messages but she complains again and again. When she were an adult she would have given instantly permissions to those personal messages (susje vs faxie) to draw the full picture. The benefit for the community would be to get the full picture and conclude further decisions.
  9. Beware of faxie

    At the point as I left the game, Susje was already being accused unofficially to have used some hidden scripts or automations for the bots in question and for some other means of (game) play (abuse). She also manipulated chat logs to draw a different point of view several times. She also only complained when there were an economical loss but not on the situations where the bot generated by automation some revenue from some people who did not realized that the bot changed prices instantly without further notice. AFAIK those unethical gains were kept by her. I don't see any negative impact, as the automation code seems to have been flawed, there were no considerations for some scenarios. Previous flaws and coding errors were as is, were never refunded or dealt with. I have seen many many flaws regarding this in the past were the tradebot failed in the intentions of the bot owner(s). As tradebots are some kind of automated piece of software, I do not see any flaw regarding coding something extra so it can be used by that tradebot. To use only some values in an array to determine a price is only one way of choosing a price.
  10. Money for invasions

    May I ask why are you doing things which you do not like or which are not beneficial to you than?
  11. Setting NPC prices higher?

    It depends on the playstyle I made many iron swords when those were worth only a few of the iron bars in question. Maybe worth stop grinding and just enjoying the pace of creating items. There is no way to balance this, except a server reset and going back a few years without those dailies and other changes.
  12. Second hand steel axe has human nexus of 4

    Same happens when you wear gear and than do a reset or remove human nexus.
  13. Selling Rostogol Stones on NPC

    Well why only rostogols? The game need funds to keep a proper server environment which should be the first thing to fix. Lag is unacceptable. And it is definitely not my hardware or my provider. I played for years on usa / kanada server where this server claims to be hosted. Delays of up to 3-5 seconds on a daily basis are definitely not acceptable. MMO with such lag is barely playable. And regarding NPC. Npc shall sell anything, including no more tear capes, oranges, grapes pears, binding stones, serpent stones, enrichment stones, attribute removals, hydrogenium ore, dragon scales, modable swords, ....... Basically all in game items. some want to do some things but can not do because items are not available. is it a recipe or is it raw materials or is it bc gc / npc value does not fit anymore If you want to keep players the first issue should be to ban / block the blackmarket gc sales, as this hurt the game / game funds the most. and therefore the server is laggy because no proper fund to provide decent connection. Allowing alt sharing and trading was the worst and is total the opposite as a MMO shall be. Interaction with other players. also reducing the wtf enters from 10 to 8 also hurt that multiplayer feature. Also EL does not provide a proper client for most linux distros, the client hardly builds, exhibits errors and such. Has some issues regarding mix window in git. No proper client in linux distros, no players because it is not available to the mayority. and i think coders who do the client can provide faster packages for any linux distro and any other availabe os as volunteers. Regarding gc are 60k / 1 us dollar 70k / 1 euro. I suggest npc shall sell rostogols as upper cap for 250kc each or even higher to balance the game a bit more.
  14. Selling 25k fire essence

    4 each bid
  15. s2e for hydro

    The issue is more the mix lag, even on making thread. I talk about 3-5 seconds delay until the client updates. happnes regularly. bad network / bad client / server design. And I play on USA / Kanana servers even first person shooter games where I hardly encounter so many lag spikes. el should reuse for example the network stack of quake3 enginge for example. much better as this el network stack regarding lag. There is still market for some things but you have to search for it yourself. Market channel is dead. It is not hardare related. I have a load of 0.47 average, my box can handle a load of up to 12 fine. RAM is not a concern 16GB of 32GB max installed Client was built from git, so its newer as anything offically available. (though client has some issues, which are annoying and buggy) GPU has 2GB now, Nvidia gpu tools claim below 500MB in usage. profile 2 used mostly. profile 3 is full power. I sold all my fighting gear. too much lag, regardless on which time and date I tested. Fix the lag and players may come and join And we do not have many customizatioins. below 10 options when you create a character is not very much. any android game has over 30 options for hairstyles for example. Gear is in general too expensive. Recipes should be adapted or npc totally removed as the playerbase is now big enough to supply anything anyway. OLD Rule 5 removal killed the game more as this hydro guarding. As we do not need to interact anymore. we can do all by ourself with an army of characters. edit: 5gc fe is nuts these days it had a reason why fe was 3gc in the past. keeping and insinsting on overprized fe will not aid sales when you are a new player... Less demands should reduce price as in any market. Just mix what you need, when you stockpile 60k of crap it is your problem when you do not have a use for 60k fe for example.