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Patch for the 0.9.2 version

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Unfortunately, some bugs slipped in the 0.9.2 version, and those bugs are very nasty, causing various client crashes, etc.

We did fix most of the bugs, so the game should work well right now.

If you didn't patch the game, please read the following text, and act accordingly:

After you download the game, please download this little patch, el.exe or el.x86.linux.bin, depending on your Operatign System, and overwrite the old el.exe or el.x86.linux.bin with this new file (quit the client first). We are sorry for the this small problem, but we found the bug imediately after the update, so the only thing we could do was issue a patch.


Linux users only

Some Linux users still have some problems even with the new patch, so please go to www.libsdl.org and download and install the latest SDL, SDL_net and SDL_mixer libraries (in this order).

If you still have problems, download el.x86.linux.bin2, then type: "ulimit -l unlimited", then ./el.x86.linux.bin2, and after it crashes, get the core file (it should be a file named core.some_extension and send it to me via e-mail: chaos_rift at yahoo.com

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