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Lords and Ladies of Legend

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Lords and Ladies of Legend is a well-established Guild, seeking mature, fun-loving members who like to interact with others while being allowed to "do their own thing."


LLL has an active (and, often, noisy! :hiya: ) Membership; our Guild Chat channel is usually quite busy. We frequently have Guild Projects and Competitions which are, of course, completely voluntary. We freely offer advice and suggestions and most of us are more than willing to help another Guildie whenever possible.


We have our own Guild Quests and ways for Members to advance themselves within our Guild, as well as advancing themselves within EL.


We are not a PK guild; if PK is a part of the game that you really enjoy, I'd politely suggest looking elsewhere. We do have one of the top Rangers in the game, as well as one of the top tailors; you'll find that all other skills are well-represented, too.


If you think you'd be interested in joining us, feel free to chat to any of our Members; you may also wish to PM DevilBoy or Wuffzel (Council-Members) or Gil_Manel (Guild-Master). Any of us would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. I'd also suggest taking a look at our Guild-Page, located at:



We have a minimum age-requirement of 16-years of age; as well as having a minimum OA of 20, we require that you also have one other skill (not A/D) of at least 30. And, upon joining us, you will be on a 30-day probation period, while we all decide if we're "comfortable" together.




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