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Add Vegetarian Negative Perk

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Add a new perk 'Vegetarian'. When you have the perk you could not eat cooked meat, bones or feasting potions. Let the balancers figure out how many PPs it work out to but considering cooldown of fruit and vegetables and poisoning aspect of toadstools it would be a negative for many people. And of course IEDP could not take it.


An opposite perk would be 'Carnivore' where the player could not eat fruit, vegetables, feasting potions or toads. Some who eat bones may take it to help offset some of the PPs.


An interesting twist on removal stone would be a required fast, payment of gold and idle time to a retreat. Maybe one of the temples would offer it to their disciples like Defense godess offers ability to buy Titanium Chain.



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The same said for PH though, think about it. 3 PP's for losing 3 food instead of one... big whoop.

But FPs are needed for alot of mixers, along with bones. and in most cases i get poisoned 3x in about 25 bloody Toads, so it would be negative to those who cant afford the CoL/He's needed really to eat the toads.

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