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  1. Vallath - Fate

    i took it out of context, he was talking about bralex/val. post was edited accordingly.
  2. Vallath - Fate

    hahah i dont think you needed to go that far i do have something to say that carries some importance, take it as you will. when you look at scammers/liars/etc today there's something really unique to how the community reacts to the different ways they accept/ostracize them. speaking completely objective of my actions in the past, there's really a few different ways this could have played out. 1. Scam/Lie was caught, and apology issued community will hate him, and he'll really be banned from some bots, guilds, etc while he looks like a wuss with his tail between his legs, but in time people will forgive but never forget although they might forgive so apologizing was useless. really you just can't know what this person's intentions are. 2. Scam/Lie was caught, apology issued, then scammed again, rinse, repeat community will hate him, and they become completely banned from every bot, he'll look like a moron and no one will have respect for him. these people are stupid. 3. Scam/Lie was caught, no apology, (optional - scam repeated.) community will hate him, but they know who theyre dealing with and what their intentions are and don't have to second guess anything. they won't hide behind apologies, false or not, or have to deal with knowing who is against them or the few who are not against them. In essence I can't see how you can have respect for him apologizing, you'll never ever trust fate again so what does it matter if he apologizes? let's try not to flame plz.
  3. Add Vegetarian Negative Perk

    There's enough free pps already hah. I guess it might be worth 1 maybe 2 pps?
  4. spartan_warrior/onuris

    Lol, just as zaer said I'm not breaking through you're front door. It may not have been a bag I took, but who did the bot belong to? A guild of programmers.
  5. spartan_warrior/onuris

    Yup, I think you'll find that the idea of holding victims responsible for transgressions made against them has a fairly long and dishonorable history going right the way back to the burning of witches. I'm sure social psychologists have a technical term for it, but the more commonly used ones are misguided, bizarre, illogical, ridiculous and ofc dumb. Nope! He's the well known owner of a marvelous magical chocolate factory. Yup. Burning someone to death at the stake and being so stupid as to allow yourself to get bagjumped are pretty similar if you ask me. In all my years of playing this game (on and off...) I have never once been bagjumped in this sense. Lost a few from dying whilst training in the past sure, but never whilst mixing or sitting at a resource. There is no possible reason for it to happen. There is no reason for anyone to have a large bag full of items anywhere; they are simply inviting trouble. Basically these people cannot break throught your front door and into your house. The only way they can get your stuff is if you leave it lying around for them. Looks to me like you're pretty much a goon if you do not take steps to prevent this happening. You're a funny one zaer. Hussam's post, however, should be post of the year. You're really being a hypocrite. You type an almost same post in most threads where people complain they were bagjumped/scammed or whatever. No one is arguing it's not the victim's fault for not being more careful. Also, how come you defend noobish outlaw behavior from people who keep pulling off the same old tricks over and over but you were against one of the most pr0 outlaw actions in EL history? ( http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54362&st=20 )
  6. spartan_warrior/onuris

    Congratulations Littlebig, you told everyone... what they already know? Should be proud of yourself Littleknowitall. Don't go instancing anytime soon, you might end up killing half our team, again.
  7. Banned

    Hahaha sweet
  8. Banned

    Hello:) I've come back to request an item wipe and ip unbanned, and character unlocked please. I apologize for wasting the time of the administration.
  9. make HyperBags more safe

    When you lock an a previous one your contents are added to the bag. Hyperbags were never meant to be safe, they're not your storage. Don't expect them to be there when you get back. Once it's locked and closed it's not safe, and expect it to be stolen if you cant put it in a smart place.
  10. Banned

    Thank you for your fair judgement in this matter Radu, and I appreciate that you try to make your rules as consistent as possible. Before my character is unbanned I would like to request one last namechange, from Onuris back to Spartan_Warrior please, paid of course. You mentioned a small exception to the ban offer, but I wasn't sure which part you meant, could you please clarify? As for my choice, I will think it over and decide in 1 month whether to return items or get a storage wipe. Sincerely, Spartan_Warrior
  11. Guild storage protocol/conduit proposal

    Would also like to point out that everything SW just suggested here was exactly what the LNX code geeks were talking about in GM when they were talking about writing a specific LNX sto bot code. No original SW ideas here. Like that's never happened before... ( http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leibniz_and_Newton_calculus_controversy?wasRedirected=true ) Another thing could be done where the bot gives value IDs to each item, and adds them up before the trade. No transactions over 100kgc. Umm, pr0 thieves by definition make a living from their activities and generally don't get caught, the best code crackers find a weakness and develop a proof of concept, they also don't get caught doing things that could get them in trouble (at least most of the time). Yea, the police even checked all their tradelogs across multiple IPs, lucky ducks got away with it...
  12. Banned

    You know what, you're right but I felt that your reply wasn't satisfactory so I let my opinion take over.***EDIT*** and I apologize ***/EDIT*** Regarding helping newbies, there is no lesson of morals taught withthe tutorial npc, I felt the obligation to suggest such long hours of service to the community because recompensating LNX for only double the items I took would be a slap on the wrist.<edit> And in some way, I would begin to serve the community, in other words, giving back to the community. </edit> In this fashion, my life would be hell, and you wouldn't have to babysit daily, perhaps spend a half hour at the end of the 250 hours served. I would like to kindly ask that you take my punishment as a suggestion, and manipulate it however you see fit. Thank you for your kindness.
  13. Banned

    Your contradicting post yet again confuses me Ms. Aislinn, you said I do not get to suggest a punishment, yet you comment on different aspects of what I suggested and how they would work. The no alts rule is so that for the next 7 months I can't even touch my character. My time would be spent helping newbies and afaik, I've done a pretty good job of that, with the exception of 1 incident where I said "no" when someone asked for help and I was on an alt. Logs show that I was on channel 1 helping after my ban, but you didn't see that either. Then you say you wouldn't be willing to spend that much time checking my logs unless I paid you? Ok, let's say I paid you, for such a heinous punishment which outweighs most punishments i've seen, it would not be fun for me to play this game, yet I am willing to do it. "What happens to that stuff we haven't decided". - So what the heck does this mean? You'll be returning scammed items? Lastly, the way you answered my forum pm was the same way you've been reading most of my posts. I am not, FFS, complaining I got caught. I am not begging to be unbanned, and I'm not running around disrespecting you or your moderation team. Yet you feel the "obligation to talk to [me] like [i'm in] kindergarten?" For no reason other than I was caught scamming massive amounts of gc? I am not like "everyone else," and I even went so far as to explain to radu how the bot bug worked after I pulled off the scam. Whatever the outcome this next statement will always stand true, thank you for everything the moderation team has done for me, and for making this game a better place. You don't get recognized for that enough.
  14. Banned

    please see ps So in the end I know I've pissed off many people, and many people would like to never see me return to this wonderful game. But if I may suggest a punishment that is not easy, or in my favor, I would like to return to the game one day. This is my peace offering of sorts, and perhaps a way of righting the multiplay rule I broke. I would be willing to serve a ban period of 90 days, with an IP ban lifted so I may enter game for the following reason. I would commit to serving 250 hours minimum of newbie help service on help channels and Isla Prima, and if I predict correctly, would only take me maybe 4 months. At the end of the 250 hours served helping on Isla Prima, there could be a review period, where the hours served of community service would be double checked. At this point, theoretically speaking, the bans would be lifted, and alts restriction clause (no alts rule) would become active with the character (Onuris). However, with the unbanning of the character there would be one very specific clause, and that would be to recompensate the LNX guild bot, via a third party, with all items that were multiplayed with, with the exception of the items taken during scam. So any items that were traded before scam would be returned. It could be easily argued that, that is not enough, so inn addition to that I would cover compensatory damages in the form of doubling every item from before scam within 4 months. These damages would be repayed within 6 months, or IP Ban would be reactivated. Is this a satisfactory punishment? ps: Aislinn, I spent the whole day reading your post, and deciding what I wanted to say to each one of your remarks regarding my ban and my actions. But posting what I wrote down on 2 pieces of paper would do nothing more than cause arguments and seem like excuses. With all due respect, my opinion is you're looking at my case in a very biased, opinionated form, and some of the comments might have been unnecessary from an objective point of view. However, I do not wish to cause such harm with my diction and sarcasm so I will refrain from addressing your post.
  15. Guild storage protocol/conduit proposal

    I could think of several failsafes that could possibly work, but no matter what you do someone will find a way to abuse the system. Nothing is perfect, and the only way is putting your neck on the line and your trust out there. You could make the bot only allow 50 S2E ings out at a time and to get 50 more s2e ings, you would need to put 50 s2e's in (if its joule/recycling). Less for hydro (10 at a time, more for FE (10k at a time). A couple other things could be done, if you wanted to be creative with your coding.