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Considering another KF Clash.

KF Clash questions  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Orange spam gear will not be allowed. Should any of these things be allowed?

    • Allow Bronze Swords and Dragon Armor.
    • Allow 'glowy' swords (therm serp, ice ti-long, etc.)
    • Allow Mines/Wards/Caltrops/etc.
    • Allow Summoning
    • Do not allow any of the above (don't check other boxes if you choose this)
  2. 2. Would you compete in a KF Clash event?

    • Yes, irrelevant of equipment or skills restrictions (or lack of).
    • Yes, but only if there's particular gear and/or skill restrictions.
    • No, I like PK events but there's something about this event I don't like (plz post what).

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I'm trying to decide if i want to allow summoning...


If one team has a pr0 summoner willing spend or even just someone willing to use a bunch of giant stones it could really make the battle one sided due to the competition being about camping one place (being the area in Fort Garisn).


I'll decide by tomorrow night and post the actual event thread. :)

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Summoning's really not all its cracked up to be...there's plenty of weaknesses you can exploit :P


but maybe you should allow summoning if you can get an equally experienced summoner for each side. That way each side can get the same number of summoners & wont be as one-sided. :)

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