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    Summoning Artic Chimerans >:)
  1. Looking For A Guild

    Hi. I need a new guild, decided to give EL another shot. Don't really live that PK life anymore so looking for an active guild with decent knowledge of the changes in game, so i can be caught up to speed. 80s a/d . high 50s summon. recovering from a reset... so yeah. just inbox me if your interested (:
  2. Summoning perks

    am i that one person? lol..well yeah i have the perk and personally...its not worth it 5pp for +5% a/d? certainly not worth it at all! Isn't it +10% to a/d and also +5 to both crits. Crits can make a difference, but still hardly worth 5pps. Would still take it though, were I to use summon actively. indeed it is effective when/if summoning is used regularly in Pk and such..but most summoners tend to stay in the gypsum mines most of their summoning career & yes i may be mistaken on the +%
  3. Summoning perks

    am i that one person? lol..well yeah i have the perk and personally...its not worth it 5pp for +5% a/d? certainly not worth it at all! Ok so 2 poeple have it... whose teh other person?
  4. Summoning perks

    am i that one person? lol..well yeah i have the perk and personally...its not worth it 5pp for +5% a/d? certainly not worth it at all!
  5. Fighter or Mixer ? :)

    Total exp: 49066624 (sum of exp from all skills) Exp wasted on #resets: 10797771 Combat: 65.68% (Att+Def - 32225371 exp) skills: Defense: 35.67% Attack: 30.01% Harvest: 16.82% Summoning: 6.52% Magic: 5.64% Alchemy: 5.11% Ranging: 0.21% Manufacturing: 0.02% Crafting: 0% Potion: 0% Engineering: 0% Tailoring: 0% \o/
  6. Considering another KF Clash.

    Summoning's really not all its cracked up to be...there's plenty of weaknesses you can exploit but maybe you should allow summoning if you can get an equally experienced summoner for each side. That way each side can get the same number of summoners & wont be as one-sided.
  7. Extra critical chance

    summon is hands down the strongest skill in the game already ...are you serious? sure, summoning is a "strong" skill... the "strongest"? far from it. Ranging, magic, and a/d is wayyyy stronger and a more "reasonable" skill then summoning. Comparing Range - Summon: Range is "expensive" with the constant gc drain from arrows and the max AP.. but compared to the FIVE ANIMAL NEXUS (which is a MUST for summoning), the AP pots are nothing And rangers do more damage then summoners because they only need to constanstly click someone, while summoners need to FIRST get close to the opponent; and "mix" before they get "attacked" and prevented from summoning. The sucess rate for summoning compared to ranging is very low. Also, rangers get more glory: they kill someone = "omfgz they gotz skilz bcause pk central annouced it" .. but if summoners kill someone = "n00b, you just spent 25k+ gc to kill me on a Pk map & got no pk central or pki...ROFLMAOLOLOL" ...what's the cost of fire arrows compared to ELEs? Comparing Magic - Summon: Whats the cost of HARM spell ess and cost for ARTIC CHIM summons? (I find both similiar because both skill can be nullified with MI spell:Magic or Invis pot:Summon & both of those handicap can be countered with wards. But to be honest, the cost difference is rediculous) Comparing A/D - Summon: Summon SEEMS to beat A/D most of the time..but at what cost? ALL SUMMONS are ONE TIME use..while bronzes/armor/weapons can be used PLENTY of times before they "break". Beside, summoned creature's base defense is 0.. i'm sure most "pkers" can probably hit an AC summon np ^^ Again, an A/D pker only needs an invis pot and his good to go What's the cost of Bronzes/Icey Armor/NMT/COL/ (850k-ish) divided by the cost of ONE AC summon (25k) and it equals to 34 sets of summon (min).. SO whats the likely hood of the basic "Pking armor" to break after only 34 fights? Not that likely. Especially with NMT. What's the likely hood that i will lose gc each summon? 100%. So the major reasons why i dont consider summoning the "strongest" skill is because its expensive as shxt (cost 5 animal nexus (min) & it costs 25k gc (min) per Pk session), and its "rewards" are very shortsighted compared to the other skills..who wants to spend 25k - 100k+ for 5 mins of dominating? I agree summoning is a "strong" skill..but not the "strongest" That is why you see rangers & A/D pkers roaming around more then Summoning Pkers..because summoning is the MOST expensive and timeconsuming skill..yet its not the "strongest".
  8. Oovoo

    Has anyone tried oovoo? i downloaded it last night and it seems more efficent then skype for video chatting oovoo me \o/ TigerClaw27
  9. KF CLASH - II

    I won't come , too bad i thought every skill is pk
  10. Extra critical chance

    Hey radu! Anything that helps make summoning better; I support and on the afk-training topic - I feel that the critical damage done should be determined by the a/d level of the attacker (that way n00bs don't get "pwned"..and pr0s are "unaffected") but like korrode said; if 10 damage is the only option then that's fine but great idea! I apologize I haven't had the chance to respond sooner..don't be discouraged from improving the game!
  11. Collection of Summoning Suggestions

    that's all i needed to hear
  12. Have a god holy war

    i would also like to point out that if u make the allies of those gods battle it out against the allies of the other gods..the side with Mortos, Selain, and Unolas will more then likely win most of the battles - considering that MOST pkers will tend to take those Gods. in other words: its like making someone who worships a potion god vs some who worships a summon god. (summon will more likely win since summoning is used as a pk skill)
  13. Green Fingers Harvesting Order Page

    20k Sulphur. (2x 10k batch) 20k per batch - 40k gc total due. Thank you
  14. first game you ever played?

    My first game that i ever ever touched and loved to this point was.. Pokemon on my trusty green Gameboy Colors and the second one was Sonic on good old Dreamcast. lol...goood times.