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Server update

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Added a new guild merchant NPC.

Fixed a few things with the Haidir quest.

23 new NPCs.

2 mini quests.

Changed the pr0 instance a little (made it a bit harder).


Now you can shape shift into a phoenix.

As similar to the mule, there are 14 levels. Leveling up is the same as with the mule, you need to be in the shape shifted form for a long time, and the number of points for each level is different (non linear).


Advantages of the phoenix:

1. 1*level fire protection.

2. 1*level chance to dodge hits, and it stacks with the 5% default chance and with the evanescence perk.

3. 1*level extra attack

4. 5*level to 'reborn', in addition to the day of the dead effect.

5. If the player has magic immunity cast before shape shifting, the spell will not wear off while in the phoenix form.

6. Based on the level, there is a chance to not get a cooldown when using an item.



As with the mule glyph, if you run out of creature food in your inventory, you will shift back to your normal form. So make sure you have some before you use the glyph.

The phoenix glyph can not be made in game until the next update (2-3 weeks). Until then, you can obtain the glyphs like this:

1. You will get 10 free phoenix glyphs if you buy 100 usd worth of stuff from the shop (in one transaction). No coupons can be used with this offer. Offer valid until the next update only.

2. Alternatively, you can buy 10 phoenix glyphs for 10 usd.

3. There will be some contest, where glyphs will be the prize.

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