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If you want a hood, you can provide me with the ings, a savings stone, and 5k gc. If I don't need the savings stone, I'll give it back to you. Either way, I'm keeping the 5k gc. If I lose the savings stone, and you want me to try again, you'll need to provide another savings stone. You only have to pay one mix fee. I'm currently tailoring level 62 (12 level below recommended) but still at rank 4, so I guess that means my chances of making one are still higher than most others'.



Edit: I've made about seven or eight now (I think, forgot to check counter before logging). Averaging one savings stone per hood, unfortunately.


Universal Hood (1)

Items needed:

5 Enriched Magic Essences

25 Threads

3 Needles

10 White Fabrics

1 Binding Stone

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Great service, and he was spamming VOTD storage with "and another success" type messages :P

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