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Auction - Red Dragon Armor

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Bidding starts at 310k. Increments of 5k, please.


Buy it now - 360k.



Set includes:

Red Dragon Torso

Red Dragon Cuisses

Red Dragon Greaves

Red Dragon Helmet


To bid anonymously either pm me in game (LightKeeper) or on the boards. (You will be more likely to reach me on the boards.)


Bidding ends when I say.


Thank you.

Edited by LightKeeper

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Yes, Hannibal. That changed because no one was bidding.


Your offer is no longer valid due to the price change. I wasn't aware how severely underpriced the original number was...I'm not going to sell you a set for 70k less than it is worth. I'm sorry for the confusion and any disappointment I caused you. It is embarrassing to have to change the price mid way through, but, hey, that's what I have to do.


You have permission to either leave this thread alone or make another bid. I'm fairly certain that it is still very reasonably priced.


The previous bidder bought a set ingame, so the auction is once again starting at 310k...buy now 360.

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