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  1. Building your own desktop computer

    Hey Aphis, long time no see. I just finished building my own computer about 2 weeks ago. I can give you a few tips if you need, but I don't feel like posting much here. Any questions about compatibility or whatnot, shoot me and email @ toddryoungblood08@gmail.com. Labrat is teh g0d of builders it looks like, it pretty much outlined what I just finished building.
  2. I need a siggy

    i will post one sometime
  3. USA 2008 Elections

    shit barack won he still hasn't proved he is an american citizen yet tho
  4. Runescape o0

    i play runescape
  5. OSOMN's ridiculous power

    jsoc and osmd is teh shaaaaznit but yeah, OP imo. [17:07:10] Atlanticiem got cooldowned! [17:07:15] Atlanticiem got mana depleted! [17:07:16] You need 25 Ethereal Points and you have 0 Ethereal Points [17:07:18] You were killed by HaZe [17:07:18] The fates were cruel to Atlanticiem
  6. UFO sighting 10/14/08

    ther is ur uf0es
  7. I like this idea, enables 1v1 ND pk.
  8. Intro: Apple Laptops

    Rumors are going around that Apple is going to release some new apple laptops tonight. Check it out here: Engadget Watch it live @ 07:00AM - Hawaii 10:00AM - Pacific 11:00AM - Mountain 12:00PM - Central 01:00PM - Eastern 06:00PM - London 07:00PM - Paris 09:00PM - Moscow 02:00AM - Tokyo (October 15th) From one geek to another. ~Hanni
  9. DPA King of the Ring Tournament

    and so very humble. who did you lose to? oh wait...
  10. Should Ants start PK's?

    This would be fun, and have them put pp into phys and inst, then they won't die as fast.
  11. Gossip

    You can use gossip only a certain number of times per day (10? 20?), after that she'll stop answering you this was the first time I had pmed her in a week, she won't answer me ever since I got my name changed.
  12. Gossip

    doesn't even work for me, every time I pm it, it tells me I have used too many for that day.
  13. dung flinging

    has 5% chance to poison new ranged wep