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Giving away 500kgc in prizes

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Fourth JOE and HER Guild GC Bot Event


In honor of my beloved wife Zia and to introduce our newest bot Portia, we are running another event with 500kgc in prizes.


What this event is about

Trade with one of Zia and my bots during the next 2 weeks for a chance to win a ton of gold coins! The five winners will win 300kgc, 100kgc, 50kgc, 30kgc, and 20kgc respectively.


The event starts as soon as I post this thread, and ends on Sunday July 27th, at 9pm central time. (GMT-6)


oO how do I win???


* Trade with one of Zia and my bots: Portia, Miria, Jeepers, and Tina to be entered into the event.

* Increase your chances to win by trading with more bots, trading more, and PMing me suggestions.

* To show our appreciation to past customers, people who have traded frequently with our bots will have a higher bonus to win.


Portia is our newest bot, and is purely devoted to PK supplies. Since we'd like to introduce Portia to everyone, there will be an extra bonus to your chances of winning if you trade with Portia at some point.




Um, to summarize:

* Visit all four bots

* Trade lots of stuff

* PM me suggestions if you have any... For example "I wish Portia carried xyz item because it's so hard to find and nobody ever sells it blah blah blah". Also please don't post your suggestion on this thread, PM me.


Past winners


This is my 4th event that I'm running. Here is a list of the winners of past events:









If you have any questions feel free to post here.



-Joe & Zia :whistle:

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Sure, it counts.


Don't forget to trade some time during the event though- if you don't trade, then you won't be entered as a participant, no matter how much you've traded in the past.


Ty ;)

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Nice contest.


(Tried PM'ing you today, to talk about the Bots, but you were offline, please contact me in-game. ;) )


- Liquid.

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Ok! The event is officially over. I will post the results in about 2 hours from now. If any of the winners are online at that time, I will contact you in-game.

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